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Thursday, 12 January 2017

Human fascism against nature and dismissal of our countryside

The cry of the helpless ones.... 

Oh yes – it’s all fine and dandy shouting about wonderful new houses and business developments all over our countryside but what about us?

For millions of years we’ve been living in the wild green spaces, ponds and ditches that you fat-cat developers and your greedy council chums have been steadily filling in without a care in the world for decades.

Are we just rubbish; do we  count for nothing in your totalitarian, profit-based scheme of things? Do we have no right to life, now that you have the machinery to destroy our ancient dwelling places? 

Do you trot off  home after your day’s work in the office and cheerfully lecture your trusting family about the evils of injustice and the dangers of world fascism?

Is this not gross hypocrisy when you happily destroy our wild homes with an imperial swipe on a document of your pen?  Are you not a bastion of ‘human fascism’ and wanton invasion against us 'lesser' species?

You cut down those annoying things (trees) that get in your way. Some of us call them home but to you they are just an obstacle to be removed.

You wish to see evil – then look in the mirror! Evil prevails when good folk do nothing!

Stop wrecking our wonderful countryside now and wake up to the fact that you share this planet with other species! We have lives and we have families - just like you.

Give us all a chance to simply survive  - please! 

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