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Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Councillors calling for costly funding to plant Southport trees need to look closer to home to save us all a fortune

In these days of austerity we are supposed to be saving money. Therefore, the following eco-proposal can (and will)  do just that and give us all a much greener town as well!

In Ainsdale the Brookdale end of the council-owned Woodvale woods is chock full of countless young trees species that could benefit the whole town, via careful thinning and then  replanting.

After all, this was the original purpose of the young trees that were ‘healed in’ and then forgotten about during the 1970s.

See this link for a potted history of Woodvale's lovely woodlands: 

Pat Regan and the Southport Tree gang healing in the young trees in Woodvale in the 1970s. These trees went on to become unintentional woodland at Woodvale.

Before the original WWP (Woodvale Woodland Project) team fell out with Project Director, Cllr Ted, Hartill, for his misdirection of the Project it was suggested that choked up saplings could be potentially transplanted from the woods (as donations) around Southport bowling greens etc.

In fact volunteers from WWP planted a number of trees  from the woods around the Sandbrook Way precinct, yet these specimens were sadly vandalised later on.

We reiterate that there is no need to spend a single penny on costly new trees for Southport, as the raw resources (the sapling themselves) are already there.

The Woodvale wood, like any other, woodland is a self-sustaining ecological entity that produces fantastic trees - all by itself! This of course is exactly what woodlands do and how they spread. 

All that Sefton’s Margaret Carney (CEO) and her officers have to do is allow sensible replanting of some smaller species and ‘Hey presto’ we all save a fortune in new trees for our town!

Before Sefton Council's  ill-considered ban on the original WWP team (for refusal to accept Hartill's dangerous direction) volunteers alone planted over 200 trees around the woods etc, with sapling from inside the place. 

Working with nature, rather than against it, makes very good sense for us all.

We only need councillors to push for action on this eco-proposal and serious savings can be made towards a greener and healthier Southport. 

Pat Regan © 

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