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Thursday, 3 November 2016

Beloved Ainsdale wildlife sanctuary facing Sefton Council - based extinction, but the fight goes on

This week a test drilling/survey for proposed housing developments started in George Drive, Ainsdale.

Residents that utilise the woodlands for recreational family purposes with their children have been fighting hard to save this lovely little green area.

One passionate local campaigner stated: "It was 16 metres down before they hit clay at the North end of the site and 16.5 metres down at the South end."

Letters of complaint have been forwarded to the Council and a petition is available to sign.

Do you want to see concrete and steel all the way to Ormskirk or will you sign the petition to show Sefton Council  that enough is enough?

Our countryside and its legally-protected wildlife deserves protection. Sefton Council officials cannot just destroy at will... 

Our declining UK countryside’s green spaces and wildlife need urgent help – will YOU join the fight today!

Cllr Lynne Thompson has been assisting residents in meetings with officials about ecologically - destructive housing expansion plans and she will hopefully be presenting the petition when finalised.

Sefton’s ecological double standard message to our children

Sefton Council and its partners make great efforts to promote themselves as some type of ecologically sound, 'conservation - supportive' body.

However, what type of message does the proposed destruction of this beloved Ainsdale woodland tell the children of today, who are frequently asked to receive eco-awards for green initiatives in schools etc off the Council?

NB. Further updates on this situation have been removed, due to legal restrictions. 

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