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Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Tory Councillor (Dolly Bird) Louise Dickens attacks Southport Author on Twitter

Louise Dickens, a Conservative councillor for Richmondshire in North Yorkshire, recently (21/09/2016) spat her dummy at an internationally published author after a short but impassioned exchange of words.

Southport’s Pat Regan, a controversial author of nine published books, has called for Dickens to resign, he stated:

“I have just been verbally abused on Twitter by Louise Dickens, the granddaughter of the late Geoffrey Dickens MP for simply mentioning home truths. It seems that anyone who dares to criticise her position will be treated with arrogant disrespect. These Tory councillors get so nasty at times when in states of denial and like Louise they can never admit when they are 100% wrong. There is now an extensive file of evidence that her grandfather was both homophobic and a bigot, using theological undertones to justify his blatant prejudice against others. Louise cannot (or will not) see any wrong. I believe she should resign as a public representative. How can any professional Tory councillor with such outrageous views represent constituents properly? I actually highlighted her abuse to a local councillor I know who replied : “I don’t know her but that's not appropriate”. I could not agree more as this may potentially be a Code of Conduct issue."

Dickens (a hairdresser) was clearly feeling the heat after other posters tweeted opinions that her late grandfather was fully accountable for various degrees of social and religious bigotry. One human rights group (SAFF) that had posted against Ms Dickens had also presented accurate historical data to support allegations against the late MP.

See also:

Ms Dickens failed to successfully defend her position and instead resorted to childish abuse.

The embarrassing lack of adult discernment coming from Dickens is becoming widely known and is clearly not aiding her political aspirations in any way. Such unprofessional conduct shames the Tory Party.

A poster on ‘Vote UK Forum’ had this to say about Ms Dickens. 

Post by maxque on Sep 17, 2015 at 12:12am

“Louise Dickens, the Conservative candidate in Richmond East, is the granddaughter of conspiracy nut and bigot Geoffrey Dickens. She seems to have the same obsessions that her grandfather had, too and to like Simon Danczuk.” 

Ms Dickens, who refers to herself as ‘Dolly Bird’, has also been more recently criticised for sleeping with the enemy. Her affair with a Labour MP, serial womaniser Simon Danczuk, has fallen apart. 

Simon Danczuk remains suspended from the Labour Party after he admitted sending sexually explicit messages to a 17-year-old girl in January.

Being in denial forms no good reason to hide the facts. Louise Dickens should act like an adult and face facts instead of writing such unnecessary abuse on her twitter pages. Schoolgirl name-calling like this changes nothing and in fact brings her role in politics into disrepute. No wonder UK politics is in the pits if this is the best they can offer Joe Public. 

Ms Dickens was not available for comment at the time of publication.  

N.B. Pat Regan has written hard-hitting books on politics, mythology, ufology and fly fishing amongst other diverse things. 

Our sympathy should rest firmly with the good constituents in her Yorkshire ward. They deserve much better than what Dolly Bird is offering today! 


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