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Saturday, 22 October 2016

Huge dock fire still blazing away tonight

Fire control teams have been busy trying to quell a huge fire at Seaforth Docks that started last night.

NB. The photos were taken with a super-zoom camera, @ max 50 x  zoom from tall sand dunes between Hightown and Crosby. The extended depth of field presented, via the lens when focused over large areas, can appear to bring objects closer together. This is comparable to shots when an aircraft is passing the moon and both seem to be in focus, so appear very close together.

The Liverpool sky seen from Hightown/Crosby sand dunes  - full of thick billowing smoke. 

Tonight plumes of smoke  greeted ships that entered the Mersey estuary.

Anyone with health concerns about the smoke’s bearing on their health should contact the NHS 111 service or a local GP for advice.


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