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Friday, 14 October 2016

Fight to Save Woods at Ainsdale’s George Drive continues

The Sovini Group have now applied to Sefton Council for permission to build 17 dwellings plus 4 self-contained apartments and car parking space adjacent to  George Drive and Elizabeth Drive.

Residents and other campaigners have already set up an action group and Facebook page to challenge what they see as the proposed  wanton destruction of valuable ecological woodlands and a place that their children have played in for generations.

Objections to this proposed crime against nature may be sent into the Council and must be received before 3 November 2016. 

It is a natural wooded area with legally-protected wildlife and it is effectively the green lungs of the local community in George Drive. So much UK woodland is being destroyed and house prices in the area may well decrease with more developments.
Please send in your objections and also sign the Save Our Woods petition.

This established woodlands holds a plethora of wildlife, including many species of wild birds that rely on this lovely old green area for survival. Legally – protected Bats are also known to use the woodland as a roost.

Additional info here: 

The ongoing loss of our fragile green spaces should deeply concern us all... 

N.B. Letters against development proposals are already going in. Please send in your letter now at this link...

Quoting Ref: DC/2016/01935

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