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Thursday, 1 September 2016

‘Woodvale Stop the Rot’ petition presented to Sefton Council and clean-up work is underway

Ainsdale’s Cllr Lynne Thompson has now presented the ‘Woodvale Stop the Rot’ petition to Sefton’s CEO Margaret Carney.

Cllrs Thompson and Haydn Preece have also had several meetings with Planning and Regeneration officers and a number of possibilities are being explored.

The obligation to get this long drawn out fiasco properly addressed lies with Sefton Council. It’s high time this council listened carefully to its councillors who are trying their best to sort out this problem area, once and for all.

A Sefton contractor was at Sandbrook Way in Woodvale today to start clearance by St John Stone church.  Councillors had previously advised that contractors will: “take brambles and grass along the fence line of the church back to the kerb. Also trees and shrubs in the middle will be pruned and cut.”

Trimming by the Sandbrook Way church did indeed get underway today (1st September).  Additional contract work is expected to continue on the old Sandpiper site tomorrow.

We were also advised that: “Sefton have also agreed to allow the skip at the back of the flats, primarily provided for the use of the tenants, to be used generally and they will continue to empty it every Tuesday.”

Naturally, with the Council opening the skip up to “general” usage it will most likely need emptying on a more regular basis, due to the speed of it filling up.

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