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Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Is Sefton Council set to waste more of our cash on new speed bumps?

Celebrations surrounding the removal of hated speed bumps in Ainsdale's Orchard Lane may be short-lived, as the council may be planing to construct 'new' bumps. Images taken this week revealed that white speed bump shaped markings have been placed on the lane in six places over the newly created surface.

Unpopular and dangerous speed bumps were removed earlier this month in Ainsdale's Orchard Lane. Damage to the bumps, from car exhaust grinding etc, was previously marked as on ongoing problem.

Numerous reasons regarding why these defunct and costly speed devices are not needed have been highlighted many times before.

The area is already designated as a 20 mph zone. Wasting taxpayer's cash in this fashion is disgusting in these times of austerity and service cuts.

This week Ainsdale's Cllr Haydn Preece stated: "With our 20 mph in place now surely the unpopular speed bumps need to be reviewed across the town as a matter of urgency and certainly in Ainsdale where lots of residents have contacted me."

Cllr Preece is spot on and the issue is certainly matter of urgency. Recent reports about the hated speed bumps have shown that they are highly unpopular with residents across the resort and not only in Ainsdale.

Previously Cllr Preece said: “I would like all speed bumps abolished. Drivers ride over them at their peril .They are intrusive to residents creating noise and vibration in many areas and can badly damage cars as many protrude too high. The 20 mph culture setting ‘20’s Plenty for Us ’ campaign is now our policy and this should suffice as we ALL adjust to the 20 mph traffic measures in areas that have been designated. Let’s have a positive attitude and abolish speed bumps that are all over our town, I’m definitely against all of the ones placed in Ainsdale.”

Many similar lanes and roads in the town do not have speed bumps, so why exactly is this absurd council wasting our cash in Ainsdale? This out-of-touch council has ignored all sensible calls for wholesale speed bump removal and has instead apparently (if it goes ahead) taken this crazy decision to replace the hated, high maintenance bumps.

Are you happy to see our money wasted like this? How much is this ill-considered council stupidity going to cost us? Moreover, who exactly are the key decision makers behind this blatant misuse of public funding?

Have YOU fallen for authoritarian traffic-control spin, or have you alternatively signed the‘Dump the Bumps’ petition yet?  

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