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Friday, 5 August 2016

Woodvale’s’ Brook eyesore update – Can you help by simply signing the petition?

Community campaigners and councillors are battling to petition Sefton’s lazy council to act against the dangerously derelict Brook eyesore on Sandbrook Way. We are urging Sefton Council to use its compulsory purchase powers to advance the development of Sandbrook Way and prevent further deterioration and anti-social behaviour.

It takes seconds to help by signing our petition - will YOU help?

It’s hard enough getting this council and distant landlords to act properly ‘without’ such stupidity as follows.

A Hidden Agenda – why would anyone 'object' to the removal of a crumbling and dangerous eyesore?

I'll huff and I'll puff and I'll blow the house down... or maybe I'll leave the eyesore standing instead? 

An angry and seemingly confused woman who lives in Sandbrook Way’ has made outrageously meaningless and unfounded allegations ‘against’ hard-grafting campaigners and Ainsdale's two 'working' councillors who are trying very hard to get Woodvale’s Brook Eyesore removed by the Council.

This lady even forwarded a furious request to the media to be put “in front of a camera” to spout her incredible nonsense, after calling the campaign team “disgusting” several times and insulting young Jason, who is also eager to see the derelict Woodvale area improved.

He had produced a video to merely highlight the appalling issue, which she illogically objected to. Some kids run riot on street corners upsetting elderly residents etc, yet this lad was meaninglessly targeted by this irate female for simply 'caring'  about  his local community!

This was Jason’s response and he is still waiting for an apology off Mrs Angry . 

She even blurted that the area was “not” like it was depicted in the photos, even though the pictures were all recently taken at the Brook site.  She ranted at campaigners, who’d devoted a great deal of free time and effort to the fight that she was “Disgusted with the lot of you.”

Perhaps a trip to Specsavers is in order here - something just does not add up?

The Brook is a public danger, with bits falling off in windy conditions, as well as being a magnet for graffiti. How exactly can someone possibly claim the reverse? Will this women stand in front of the Brook and then tell us it’s all fine?

This photo of the derelict Brook property was taken recently. The building has been falling to pieces for many years. It has got worse - not better!

Nevertheless, this Woodvale woman claimed to be annoyed that campaigners have started a petition to get a compulsory purchase order (CPO) from the council, so that progress can finally be made. Such weird absurdity is hard to understand with some observers now highlighting a potentially HIDDEN AGENDA behind her strange outburst.

Stop the Rot campaign activists from the local church on Sandbrook Road also invited the woman to attend a recent meeting about concerns over the Woodvale situation. However, even  after all her hostile bluster she never showed her face.

Thankfully, many Sandbrook Way/Road residents have contacted the campaign team to express utter disbelief at this woman's strange and illogical attitude and offered good support.

Several foolish OTS posters (some with bogus Facebook accounts) had nevertheless happily swallowed her spin, hook line and sinker, making equally daft comments under recent articles over this situation. 'One born every minute',  as they say!

Rather than attacking hard-working campaigners, why do these armchair warriors not put their misplaced energies into helping the community? Are they happy to allow the community to slip into an even worse condition than it is today? This is NOT  a game!

We urge all interested parties to go and see for themselves what an appalling state the Brook is in today and then tell us that it’s all fine and dandy!

A lazy council and some distant landlords have brought this Woodvale area to utter disgrace. The last thing we ALL need now is yet more public apathy.

If like Mrs Angry of Sandbrook Way you are quite happy to see the Brook Eyesore shame our town (and especially Ainsdale) then please DO NOT sign our online petition.

People Power and councillors working together can make a difference. Will YOU help?

Positive action for a better community or just more public apathy - which way will you go? 

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