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Saturday, 20 August 2016

Southport Flower Show, 20th August - Day 3

Today's event was not quite as wet as yesterday's and blue skies showed at times.

Jonathan Marshall with his horses and falcons proved popular once again.

The Stunt Monkey team doing their fantastic thing again - thanks to Kyle for this following video clip.

Always good to see the big horses in action too - thanks to Laura for this charming following shot.

Things are mega BIG at the show... 

Wack’s Wicked Plants win a gold award at the Southport Flower Show. 

Wack’s Wicked Plants is a North-Yorkshire based carnivorous plant outlet run by Peter Walker (Wack) and his wife Helleentje. Wack’s is a fairly new company, visiting shows and fairs around the county but they now are responding to  customers’ requests and also selling  online.

Plenty of action for most of the stall holders at the show too.

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