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Friday, 22 July 2016


Councillors (Preece and Thompson) and community campaigners petition Sefton's sluggish council to take action on Woodvale's long-standing eyesore fiasco.

What are we paying Sefton Council for? This appalling situation has gone on for far too long. The entire place is a health and safety nightmare that shames Southport.

Why is this important?

A redevelopment of Sandbrook Way in (Woodvale, Southport) has been promised again and again, only to have scheme after scheme flop. We still have a badly lit, down-at-heel, area around the shops, which attracts antisocial behaviour. One sticking point putting developers off is the fact that there are many interests and owners to relocate or agree to change. As a result the problem persists. 

It can be solved if the Council uses its powers and is willing, when there is deadlock, to compulsorily purchase property at the market rate. If they show they are willing to do this it will potentially encourage developers to take more interest. Those who are holding up development will have to sell. So far the Council has NOT been willing to use its muscle and as a result the area remains blighted. We do not run the council but we can put real pressure on by petitioning the Council to take action and use its compulsory' purchase powers. 

We need your help. Cllrs Lynne Thompson and Haydn Preece are also collecting hard copy signatures. Have YOU signed yet? 

Please sign the 'Woodvale: Stop the Rot' petition now... 

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