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Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Stowaways take over on the Alt

The Alt Estuary Moorhens. Happy family - on a yacht 

Never mind the Crow's nest - what about the Moorhen's nest? 

Paul Callaghan of the Blundellsands Sailing Club brought my attention to a real nautical tale of true care for the environment. 

An ecologically – minded boat owner, Alan Roe, took the correct action and observed wildlife laws concerning nesting birds when he discovered moorhens with chicks on his yacht.

The birds decided that they liked the look of the boat and made a home there, whilst Alan was away. 

These photos were taken from the bank at some distance with super zoom. 

The kind boat owner did the right and good-hearted thing and left the chicks undisturbed to become fully fledged.

Moorhens have numerous broods each year, managing as many as three in a good season

The tide on the estuary rolls in. 

Pat Regan © 

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