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Saturday, 9 July 2016

Iron ladies or rusty bigots with big mouths

After the Brexit fight and Cameron's promise to go, the cats' claws are out for his job.

I for one feel that the choices being tabled are pretty inadequate, to say the least. Let's look at two leading contenders on offer  - Leadsom and May

So Theresa May is in favour of diminished rights of women and ritual animal abuse, as advocated under religious -based Sharia laws?

That is the same (fundamentalist appeasement) angle taken by David Cameron a while ago. 

What a foolish woman May must be to think that such stupid remarks will go unchallenged!

Leadsom, has sparked fury after claiming she is better qualified to become prime minister than Theresa May because she is a mother, while the home secretary is childless. 

Are these people serious? Leadsom's ill-considered insult against childless people stigmatises an entire group as being less important then people with children. What a foolish woman!

Leadsom has also received some criticism over previous banking links.

Tax avoidance factory

'Leadsom has made it clear she would consider slashing corporation tax even more than George Osborne now proposes; and presents her “25 years running financial services businesses” as a qualification for running the country – as if being a banker in the run-up to the financial crash that largely explains the current political fiasco was A Good Thing. She also mentions her time “running Barclays’ investment banking team” in the 1990s, when it was a notorious tax avoidance factory that was shut down in the wake of the crisis. But there is no word about her stint in the late 1990s as managing director of the UK arm of her brother-in-law’s offshore hedge fund, De Putron Fund Management (based in Guernsey, owned by a BVI company and now known as Bell Rock Capital). Nor that she has much to thank this operation for in her rise up the Tory ranks. '


So, should the British public laugh or weep over current political choices ? 

Britain deserves better and must stand up and say so! 

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