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Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Total Southport Tory Collapse under the Leadership of Ainsdale's Terry Jones 

Behind the scenes the defeated Southport Conservative party has now ceased to be any type of credible political party in the town. All Conservative candidates were thrashed in Southport good and proper. 

Leader of the beaten group, Cllr Terry Jones, was quoted in the Champion newspaper saying that it was a “disappointing” night for his party. Jones also said…

 “I will use my political time to continue fighting for Ainsdale and Southport and help (the Conservatives) fight back”.

With such a pathetic political  record of leadership behind him this promise surely gives little comfort  to the beaten Tory hopefuls who were roundly thrashed by the Libdems and also Labour in some wards. 

Some would say that his statement gives reason for utter fear to the Conservatives, not only in the town but nationally as well. Jones had years to get it right but alternatively went from bad to much worse. Therefore his claims to "fight back" are too absurd to ever be taken seriously.  

Resigned or pushed overboard?  

Word on the street was that Jones has possibly been ‘removed’ from his  untenable position due to his previous failures to secure better result for his party, since he became Tory leader.

Losing all wards to the Libdems at the last election was believed by many to be the final straw. 

Naturally, when any group is embarrassingly beaten so many times heads must roll,  people at the top will only stand so much failure before they are forced to take action against on-going apathy and inexcusable political catastrophe.  

In an article of 6 May, Southport writer Pat Regan, asked if Jones would resign.

Clearly Conservative powers that be must have been listening because Terry Jones soon fell (or was pushed) onto his sword after the biggest defeat of his party.

Ainsdale ward was in fact thrown into a state of chaos following Cllr Ted Hartill's sudden flight from politics. 

Many in the 'know' believed Hartill's real reason for running away from his comfortable councillor role was due to his foolish directional errors within a local community project that had been regularly highlighted on OTS News. 

The grinning candidate who took on the task of standing for the Tories in this ward was the now six times loser, Dr Jamie Halsall. The public however had seen the light and rather than listen to media and political spin they had obviously examined the facts about how the Ainsdale Tories treat constituents and wisely voted against Halsall and his Tory masters accordingly.

Tory Jamie Halsall was duly thrashed by Libdem candidate, Lynne Thompson.

Jones did then in fact resign as predicted. However, it should be reiterated that his resignation would appear to be more to do with his own basic flops that aided the Libdems to secure victory, rather than any alternative claims.

It should be noted too that Jones is not in fact resigning as a councillor but 'only' as group leader. Therefore, regardless of any private excuses he is still fair game for any opposition party member because he will be of course quite happy to use his party membership and political bias to oppose any others who stand in his way. 

We have already seen how willing Jones is to use his influence to silence dissent, regarding contradiction of has actions, against ordinary Ainsdale families, who he ‘thinks’ stand in his way.

Jones made silly legal threats yet could 'not' back them up when counter-challenged. 

Many things (that the press are clearly afraid to face and report) led to the total Tory collapse (and sudden resignations) in Southport and most especially from the Ainsdale ward of Terry Jones and his colleague Ted Hartill, the latter who has now fled from this role as Ainsdale councillor after only one somewhat lethargic term of office.

Let’s just recap what is behind all the glossy media and political spin and see the true behind the matter

The proven Southport Tory track record went something like this.

Formerly they have apparently...

# Blocked calls for local improvements (because good ideas put forward were not ‘their’ ideas)
# Remained virtually invisible to residents in need, with one who is usually abroad on holiday
# Blocked residential calls to bring back the popular Community Skip
# Threatened a local family with Conservative legal action because they exposed consistent Tory failings
# Created secret recordings of private chats with others
# Ignored the fight to save Ainsdale’s vital Brookdale dementia care facility, even though it was in their ward
# Misused Woodvale’s Community Centre for their own political promotion and self-interest
# Drove loyal colleagues (that opposed their dictatorial regime) out of the party
# Side-lined residents on local campaigns such as Cherry Road Park
# Delivered erroneous political literature (several times) through Ainsdale doors that looked like primary school doodle
# Dismissed the Sports Hall and the critical Library fight as irrelevant
# Claimed credit for campaign success achieved by others
# Rehashed old election literature, because they have nothing new to tell residents
# Stood by nonchalantly whilst Woodvale’s Sandbrook Way eyesore worsened each year
# Omitted to add the ‘surname’ of their Preston-based parliamentary candidate on their latest election sheet. Who is he?
# Misled the Southport press to unwisely support their private campaigns against other politicians, without any evidence to back their wacky claims

The reasons that you are reading all this  is because it is all true. If it was not the truth is would not be allowed to exist here.

Moreover, the apprehensive media are still apparently in some sort of anxiety state over this most pathetic political party that has been shown the door in Southport by residents in all wards.

It’s a very sorry situation when residents cannot access the truth because the press are too afraid to report it. Perhaps after all this fiasco the Southport media will finally wake up from its 'head-in -the-sand' slumber and really start to listen to the folk who know what is happening and where. 

Still, thankfully we have OTS News and therefore the truth will not be censored by the self-seeking mind controllers in bumbling political circles, the back-covering council and the largely advertisement – orientated media.

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