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Thursday, 26 May 2016

Graffiti in Ainsdale clean up – latest news

Ainsdale’s Councillor Haydn Preece is very pleased to advise that the Cleansing Department have now agreed to clean graffiti from identified areas, including Kenilworth Road Bridge.

Numerous residents have contacted Cllr Preece and Cllr Lynne Thompson about this problem.  

This is a drain on resources and both councillors have requested social responsibility from those who are aerosol painting on public areas that cost a great deal to clean off.

Both councillors would happily meet up with interested parties and investigate a graffiti art wall where free expression could legally be available.

Cllr Preece has also requested for police patrols to be vigilant on stopping graffiti in the areas now being cleaned in the next few days.

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