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Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Ainsdale Discovery Centre becoming a grot spot?

Visitors and residents alike have been complaining about the unsightly graffiti and shoddy state of the Discovery Centre recently.

How sad it is that mindless ones, with bored minds, think that vandalising such worthy places stands as fun. If vandals have so much energy to spend on graffiti then let’s hope that if and when caught they can be forced to put as much effort into repainting/repairing this building.

Chipped walls and missing paint greet visitors to the Centre...

The Discovery Centre certainly requires a proper touch-up, with chipped and eroded paint all over the building.

It must be said that the impression one gets when driving down the Ainsdale promenade, past the ramshackle Toad Hall and the depressing Pontins fencing, is not a very positive one.

Naturally, this is not the classic image Southport wants to give to visitors to the resort.

Are there any official plans in place to address these issues by the council etc, or will we see this area nose-dive into more Sandbrook Way-type decay?

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