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Saturday, 16 April 2016

Welcome back  Sir Ron 

Sir Ron Watson re-joins the Southport Tories after the  previous honours scandal hit the headlines

Sir Ron, seen here ‘endorsing’ an aspiring new Dukes Ward Tory candidate. 

Past Tory party problems apparently now forgotten, as it's - all pals together again? But times were of course 'not' always so rosy.  

Previously a dossier, obtained by the Liverpool Post, showed how Sir Ron and Cllr Les Byrom sent dozens of letters to leading political figures on each other’s behalf, pursuing a peerage for Sir Ron and a CBE for Cllr Byrom. It was reported in the press that the file also included communication between the pair discussing the best way to secure the honours.

Above. "Councillors lobbied for each other over eight years". The David Bartlett report on the honours exposure 

 Sir Ron went on to 'apologise' and resign from the local party for his so-called, “error of judgement”.
At the time Cllr Terry Jones said: “I feel that I have no choice but to seek immediate expulsion of Cllr Ron Watson as I believe his actions look bad on our association.”

Above. Terry Jones sought expulsion of Sir Ron 

Cllr Jones also advised the media that his party has sent letters to the Southport Hospital trust, where Sir Ron was the chairman and the Solicitors Regulation Authority board, on which he sits, calling for his expulsion from both bodies.
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Crosby councillor Les Byrom investigated over honours scandal

There was also the expenses issue wherein Ron Watson the Southport Hospital boss was embroiled in an embarrassing row.

Perhaps Sir Ron will get his long-sought after  ‘honour’ in the end, after all - who knows? Then again, perhaps the fates may present an unexpected political opening in the Dukes Ward before too long? 

Incidentally, Terry Jones was also at loggerheads a while ago with Tory Cllr, Tom Glover.

 Above: How Tom Glover accused Cllr Jones "again" of being - "economical with the truth." 

How times (and agendas) conveniently change in Southport’s amusing Tory political circles.

You really could not make this lot up. 

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