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Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Ted Hartill set to disappear from local politics, as fully expected


Amazing truth behind the traditional Tory spin 

Behind the traditional handshakes and cheesy grins Ainsdale’s troubled Tories are split right down the middle, again. The latest news is that Cllr Ted Hartill will not be defending his seat at the next election.

This sudden news came as ‘no’ surprise to many. 

OTS News reported on the story. Reasons given by Hartill for suddenly fleeing the Tory nest were pathetic and weak, to say the least.

Hartill has received a great deal of valid criticism from the local community, political colleagues, council officers, online news sites and other political parties since he became a local councillor.

Along with Cllr Terry Jones, he seems to have gone out of his way to ‘block’ good proposals that were NOT his own idea.

Ainsdale’s divided Tories have basically been renowned for their absence in most quarters.

Hartill’s prime legacy appears to be one of a man who spends more time abroad than in our country serving the people who need help the most in our community.

This evidence was displayed in Hartill's own poor attendance record.

Hartill and Jones could not even be bothered to help in the great fight to save the Brookdale Resource Centre, which was in their own ward.

Then we have the ‘on-going’ Woodvale Woodland Project fiasco that saw Cllr Hartill’s reckless conduct highlighted in so many ways. 

We understand that Hartill’s colleague, Cllr Terry Jones, will probably be very relieved at this news after the way Jones previously criticised Hartill for ‘self-publicity’.

It's interesting how fast  Cllr Hartill dropped out, soon after this news was made public isn't it? 

Untenable relationships and internal tensions in politics, or anywhere else, of course do have to come to a head eventually and this story appears to be a classic example.

The big question must surely be – how could anyone stay in such a questionable political position for so long? It’s not really rocket science to read between the lines herein.

Let’s hope the weather in Spain stays nice for some. 

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