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Friday, 4 March 2016

Kevin Morris runs away yet again...

... UPDATED ...

Kevin Morris runs away yet again, after family link to suspended councillor is mentioned - 26 May 2016.

Please see addendum under this article


Foot in the mouth time for Tory supporter who made a mega bloomer against the people he was supporting 

Following the OTS  News story (see link below) concerning how Ainsdale Tories treat each other behind the scenes, an inattentive Tory supporter ended up with egg on his face.

Soon after this revealing story went up on OTS News, obnoxious comments were posted by one ‘Kevin Morris’, who obviously wanted his 15 minutes of fame at the expense of banned WWP whistle blowers who continue to seek justice. 

Following some criticism, Mr Morris however soon removed  his offensive remarks, which have nevertheless been saved as evidence.

Somewhat comically Mr Morris had failed to check his facts for one of his reckless remarks actually ‘supported’ what WWP whistle blowers have been saying all along.  

Morris stated…

“Oh and bye the way using a chainsaw in a public place you NEED to be trained and registered.”

As Keven is interested in 'evidence' here it is in full, with his grammatical errors left  intact ...

When contacted for a response WWP's banned  whistle blowers stated...

"WWP's banned  whistle blowers are so pleased that Mr Morris 'agrees' with us that Cllr Hartill misdirected the team, via advising everyone (over many months) that power tools such as chainsaws were appropriate tools to use." 

"This fact was one that we have been drilling home (no pun intended) all along. Training and proper insurance cover for using power tools was NOT in place under Cllr Hartill's erroneous regime. So  thanks awfully Mr Morris for supporting our previous statements, even though your other unkind comments were more dubious and 'potentially unwise' to say the least. You have proven, beyond all doubt, that you have no idea what you are actually talking about. Seeing as you were 'never' a part of the WWP we would politely suggest that keeping your mouth under control may be more beneficial to your good self and the politicians that you apparently support/admire for some strange and  unspecified reason."  

"Perhaps we can now see your complaint going into Cllr Hartill's office (if you can ever catch him staying in England) about his misdirection of a valuable and well-funded  'community' group. If not why not when you fully 'agree' with our position herein? You cannot have it both ways Mr Morris." 

The question on many lips is, why was Morris berating the whistle blowers when he clearly 'agreed' that Hartill was out of order? Do these people never get it right or is it that they just love to SHOUT so much that they couldn't care less what comes out of their mouths?

It's not THAT surprising that Kevin Morris quickly whipped his unguarded comments off OTS News. Perhaps he was reprimanded by the frustrated Ainsdale Tories, who he thinks so highly about?

Will he be 'man' enough to apologise to WWP or can the banned team expect additional abuse?

Time will tell.

Own goals are not funny to everyone it would seem.  


Kevin Morris runs away yet 'again'.

Morris uploaded a series of questionable and irrational posts under this OTS News thread on 28 May 2016.

Cath Regan asked Mr Morris if it was... 'his wife who was working with Southport's councillor David Barton'. She only asked this question as Kevin Morris had previously made an unkind quip about a "silly Tory councillor" having too much air time on OTS News. 

Morris was seemingly alluding to David Barton, a currently 'suspended' town councillor, who is frequently seen pictured on the OTS site. 

Moments later we were surprised to note that 'all' of Kevin's posts had been removed, yet again. Yes, he ran away just like the last time! 

All data is saved so that Kevin Morris cannot claim the reverse.

Did Cath touch on a 'sore' spot herein with her reasonable question? Did Kevin perhaps get his hands slapped with domestic demands to ditch his silly posts...?


More here 

Trying to be clever or smart-mouthed at the expense of others may seem like fun, yet these people have to realise that every action has a price. 

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