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Saturday, 12 March 2016

Civil War with Youth on our streets or Rough Justice? 

Subconscious official bias against Southport's young people?  

OTS News recently highlighted a video of youths in Birkdale challenging police about alleged  harassment.

Naturally, our police do have a thankless job at times and obviously  need to take strong action and arrest real criminals who are in breach of the law. Moreover, interfering with police officers who may be involved in vital action is a real 'NO NO' and cannot be condoned. Police on the whole do a very good job and should be congratulated for dealing with many tricky situations that are very difficult.

Nonetheless, will  'face-to-face' confrontations with angry young people not just create unhelpful additional tensions? 

This article is rather interesting as OTS News had previously reported on an ex-police officer, Ainsdale's Cllr Ted Hartill, who was  criticised for targeting young people for vandalism, without any proof.

Local youth; guilty ‘WITHOUT’ evidence or trial, according to Ainsdale Tory councillor

Hartill stated the following on Facebook

Cllr Hartill had been chatting about damage done to signage and also about plants pulled up on Sandbrook Way that the WACA charity (which he was chairman of) had planted.

So here we do have prime evidence of an ex-police officer who has personally judged young people 'without' any evidence on a social network. 

Cllr Hartill's unguarded words  may impress a few people who wish to resort to unlawful vigilante tactics, yet the are unhelpful to  hard working police officers on the beat who are trying hard to work with youth in an understanding and effective fashion.

Such dangerous generalisation of our youth can ONLY lead to greater confrontation and not harmony in society. Does the old  term,  'Innocent until proven guilty' sound familiar?

Furthermore, specific 'agendas' for politicians overtly mouthing off/ rebel rousing in public must be challenged. 

Conservative leader Terry Jones was quite specific in his belief that ex-policemen Ted Hartill wanted “mass publicity” for himself. 

Councillors especially should set a good example, yet some appear to be far more interested in seeking 'self publicity' or  'mass publicity', via playing up to the trusting masses, as we have previously seen of OTS News...

Cllr Hartill is not really one to browbeat  anyone about wonderful conduct, when we observe his own poor council record for nonattendance. Attending only 3 out of 10 meetings must be questionable to say the least.

I have personally spoken with many Woodvale youths who are mainly good kids who just want to be left alone. They were understandably angry at being tarnished by a politician/ex-policeman  like this for something they did not do.

Perhaps it's time to reassess current  police training, with regards to dealing with young people in a more effective fashion that does 'not' lead to more street clashes and social anxiety for all parties concerned? Admittedly, some unruly youths do need to behave  properly, show some respect and steer clear of unnecessary confrontation with authority. Baiting police, just to make a private point, is foolish and wastes valuable  time for everyone.

Parental irresponsibility is a 'big' concern to many of us. We can all be aware of this and act accordingly. Parents do have a duty to control their children so that they do not  bother the rest of the community. That much is certain.

Naturally, there are official procedures in place to assist Southport residents who have problems with unruly, antisocial and disrespectful neighbours. Very often the troublesome families in question are of dubious mentality, disrespectful, hostile to others and recklessly unaware of the devastating official heat that they are about to bring down on their own heads.

Respect should start at home and it costs nothing! At the end of the day, we all supposedly want peace and harmony - not wanton hate and civil war on our streets. 

That aim will NOT be achieved, via allowing some of the more 'out-of-control' and typically immature youths to run riot. 

It will also will NOT be achieved via beating young people to a pulp  at will - as some seem to recklessly advocate.

Opinions are naturally heated and everyone has their own private axe to grind, yet effective and genuinely workable solutions to such disconcerting social grievances are never a black and white, quick fix, matter. 

The vital word urgently needed in all this seems to be 'Respect' from all concerned.

The true answer lies 'within' and we all need to make an individual  effort to bring about a good society that works for all. 


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