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Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Alien attack or could it be something less sinister

Check out the following video and decide for yourself

Awesome - Frota UFO sobre Japão

Please correct me if I am in error but I think this was filmed in 2015?

Soon after this video had been brought to my attention I contacted my old friend, ex-MoD’s  Nick Pope, for an opinion.  Nick, who like me had not seen the video before, stated:

“Not sure what to make of it: flares? Aircraft stacking over the airport? News helicopters circling while covering a big story?

Circling aircraft may have indeed have been in operation here as Nick rightly suggests.
I also believe that many ufologists were claiming this was the ‘genuine’ thing.

I would  think that such a lot of activity over a large city would have created much more media attention.

Nevertheless, I have been thrown in at the deep end with this fascinating UFO sighting so will reserve judgment until later.

The jury is out on this one it seems.

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