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Monday, 7 March 2016

Ainsdale’s invisible Tories – it’s official

Suggestions have been tabled that Ainsdale’s  Tories are largely invisible to public needs a lot of the time, but is this just opinion or is it fact?

We have seen how Cllr Terry (Group leader) Jones and Ted Hartill have let residents down, via showing no interest whatsoever in the hard fight to save the Brookdale Daycare Resource centre.

That happened within their ward but they could not even be bothered with such a matter. That is fact not opinion.

Invisible Tories – official facts

But what about the official duties side of things, can we find any examples to substantiate public claims about the invisible nature of Ainsdale Conservatives?  Well yes we can.

The following council data gives ample evidence of Councillor Ted Hartill’s significant absence from important meetings that he was fully expected to attend.

From 14/09/2015 to 08/03/2016 Ted Hartill was expected to attend 10 meetings and yet he was only present at 3. That’s a huge 70% record of nonattendance.

Is that an acceptable record from our well-paid elected representatives? 

Apparently, some of our councillors are getting paid for doing 'nothing',  are YOU happy with this state of affairs? 



Pat Regan 'blocked' by small-minded Tory dictators

The following HOME TRUTHS  were written on Southport Conservative Facebook page on 
7 March 206.

We note they have now deleted the above comments and Pat and Cath Regan have both been blocked from making additional comments. 

Do you see what we mean now by spin...? 

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