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Saturday, 26 March 2016

Ainsdale  - local businesses  need our support 

By Pat Regan 

Graysons,  Ainsdale's brilliant bakery

This Station Road bakery shop produces absolutely brilliant and highly original items.

Jason Regan is an eager young photographer and the lad got a very pleasant surprise for his 13th birthday. 

Graysons created a totally fantastic chocolate and smarties cake, which came skillfully crafted into the shape of a camera.

The taste was even better than the appearance.

Jason's mum, Cath, has also been a regular fan of the local business for years and stated.

"Local Ainsdale shops like Graysons need our support. The big supermarkets can never give us such wonderful personal service ." 

106 Station Road, PR8 3HL,

Tel: 01704 577326

Such masterly work deserves congratulating.

Pat Regan © 

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