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Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Ainsdale Conservatives - reality behind the spin 

Tories rift - proven by their 'own' words 

How Ainsdale's Tory CouncillorTerry Jones, disclosed his colleague's desire for "mass publicity"and "self publicity" 

Woodvale Woodland Project (WWP) volunteers on many occasions had run the group 'without' Cllr Ted Hartill (who was at the time the WWP director), and especially when he was on his regular Spanish holidays or cycling trips, etc.

Tory chief, Cllr Terry Jones, had  in 2013 revealed Ted Hartill's desire for "mass publicity"

When asked for an explanation on Facebook about why Hartill was ignoring volunteer requests, via email etc, for assistance in the WWP scheme Terry Jones stated the following....

Conservative leader Terry Jones was quite specific in his belief that Hartill wanted "mass publicity" and was not "bothered" about other matters, that he apparently saw as trivial.

The concerned volunteers went on to explain how the group was being adversely affected by this ongoing intransigence from Cllr Hartill, which led to much disenchantment within the project and even saw some good members leaving.

Terry Jones was also asked why the local papers were not using information to promote the good community work being done. This was his revealing answer...

So, by his own words Cllr Jones highlighted Cllr Hartill's "self publicity",  which  the local "papers" were "catching on to".

Was Jones then blaming Hartill's ongoing publicity seeking ways for effectively turning the media 'away' from promoting the WWP group's good achievements?

As Cllr Jones had correctly stated it was a "group project" and not just one owned by Cllr Ted Hartill.

 Hartill was also the chairmen at that time of the Woodvale and Ainsdale Community Association (WACA) charity.

This small charity was initially highly supportive (and dependent) of volunteers who had put so much (9 months) work into their beloved  WWP.

Hartill had even earlier 'admitted' (evidence available on request) that the WWP could not have got off the ground without the valuable input of volunteers that he was later on to have a hand in 'banning' from the project.

However, when 'push came to shove' WACA  (like Jones) also turned its back on the whistle blowers, loyal WACA volunteers, who had made the mistake of asking 'awkward' questions about suitable insurance, health and safety, accounting, use of ring-fenced funding and other valid concerns.

Such examples of appalling official conduct shame the whole Southport  community.

Party before duty to the public?   

Terry Jones therefore dismissed the whole group when asked for help and instead backed his Conservative colleague, who he 'knew' was seeking "mass publicity" for himself!?  

Was it a case of political loyalties coming 'before' a proper duty of care to the local Woodvale community, at any cost? Do the public deserve proper answers (or just more aggressive Tory spin) about what their elected representatives get up to?  

Whistle-blowers from the WWP went to Cllr Jones for urgent assistance several times when the WWP fallout kicked off, yet he effectively turned his back on them all.

Later still, Sefton's  dictatorial Council closed ranks behind Cllr Hartill and outrageously banned the volunteers from their own project, which they had created in the first place...

As many people now know, Jones went on to legally threaten the same family who headed the WWP project.

Nevertheless, such bully-boy, scare tactics, failed to achieve anything for the Tory chief and instead gained  him the reverse effect, Volunteers hit back and Jones ran away, as fully expected.

Cllr Jones 'cannot' deny any of the above as that is 'exactly' what he stated! 

Some adults actually learn by their mistakes, yet others do not!

Local communities deserve better than this kind of dirty politics and political engineering.

The public take poor conduct within local politics for granted at their peril.

The WWP issue is ongoing.

Opinions are one thing yet 'facts' are something else altogether.  The Southport newspapers have oddly continued to ignore this entire situation since 2013.

All appropriate data and more is saved and recorded.


Following the OTS  News story (see link below) concerning how Ainsdale Tories treat each other behind the scenes, an inattentive Tory supporter ended up with egg on his face,

Soon after this revealing story went up on OTS News, obnoxious comments were posted by one ‘Kevin Morris’, who obviously wanted his 15 minutes of fame at the expense of banned WWP whistle blowers who continue to seek justice. 

Morris however soon removed  his offensive remarks, which have nevertheless been saved as evidence.

Somewhat comically Mr Morris had failed to check his facts for one of his reckless remarks actually ‘supported’ what WWP whistle blowers have been saying all along.  

Morris stated…

“Oh and bye the way using a chainsaw in a public place you NEED to be trained and registered.”

As Keven is interested in 'evidence' here it is in full, with his grammatical errors left  intact ...

WWP whistle blowers say to Morris.... 

"Eh well yes Mr Morris. WWP whistle blowers are so pleased that you 'agree' that Cllr Hartill misdirected the team, via advising everyone that power tools such as chainsaws were appropriate tools to use. This fact was one that we have been drilling (no pun intended) all along. Training and proper insurance cover for using power tools was NOT in place under Cllr Hartill's erroneous regime. So  thanks awfully for supporting our previous statements, even though your other comments were more insulting to our volunteer team. You have proven that you have NO idea what you are talking about and seeing as you were never a part of the WWP we would politely suggest that keeping you mouth shut may be more beneficial to you and the Tories, who you admire so  much.  Perhaps we can now see your complaint going into Cllr Hartill's office  about his misdirection of WWP. If not why not when you fully 'agree' with our position herein?" 

The question is then why was Morris berating the whistle blowers when he clearly 'agreed' that Hartill was out of order? Do these people never get it right or is it that they just love to SHOUT so much that they couldn't care less what comes out of their mouths?

It's not THAT surprising that Kevin quickly whipped his comments off OTS News.

 Perhaps he was reprimanded by the frustrated Ainsdale Tories, who he thinks so highly about?

Own goals are not funny to everyone it would seem.  

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