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Tuesday, 23 February 2016

UFO Reporter 51

Interview With Southport Author Pat Regan 

February 2016 

Questions presented by Scott Williams Collier of UFO Reporter 51

Jason Regan Filming and Editor 

Scott Williams-Collier 

1. What first inspired you to start writing books?

My primary method of self-expression used to be via painting. Later I discovered that the written word was something that I could use to good effect. My original inspiration possibly came from a wish to search out the truth behind the Church-dogma that I had forced into my mind as a child, via Catholic education. Something just told me it was wrong and that the truth resided in nature, not any manmade chapel of brick

2. You have written many books on different subjects! Do you have a particular favourite subject you like to write about and if so why? 

I am not really wedged on any one subject but life has driven me into certain areas and these are politics, the eco-system, spirituality and the paranormal with special emphasis on ufology. Also traditional angling is a passion that one of my books is about, yet even that one tends to reflect my other interests. As a campaigner for various issues I do get fixated on topics that come under my remit at times.

3. Among your books you have written 2 on the UFO phenomenon. What is your opinion on
UFOs and do you believe we are being visited by extra-terrestrials?

The UFO axis is a huge one. It holds many questions and demands many answers. As they say, about 95% of sightings may be brushed off as material things that may be identified. It’s the mysterious 5% that we cannot ID that concern sincere researchers. The well-trotted out ‘Disclosure’ issue tends to amuse me as Joe Public often falls into the trap of always thinking that secretive governments hold all the answers but just won’t tell us. Having been in close contact with numerous councillors I can assure readers that most of the people that make up governments are more interested in what goes into their pockets than what may have landed in the darkened countryside. Politicians frequently have a vested interest in promoting myths that suggest they know more than us when the truth is often in the reverse. Has ET visited us? I would have laughed at that suggestion once yet the research I did for my first book (UFO: THE SEARCH FOR TRUTH) indicated to me and others that alien visitation had indeed happened ‘before’ and that it is on-going.

4. The MoD closed its UFO hotline in 2009. What are your thoughts on that and do you think it should be reopened?

We were told that MoD UFO hotline closure was a cost-cutting exercise, yet slamming the door on officialised UFO monitoring seemed to be a really daft thing to do. If the public have NO officialised and dedicated office to report their sighting to that leaves our airspace wide open to anyone, or anything, that wishes to invade us. That is good news for terrorists with drone bombs etc, and very bad news for our safety on the ground.

5. Are you currently writing anything and if so what is it about? 

Yes, I write lots of articles etc, every day, which link to my passions and campaigns.  I am also working on my ninth book, which is about our Pagan heritage, and the forces that influenced it.

6. What advice would you give an aspiring writer? 

I would tell any aspiring author to write from the heart and to let the world know that they are passionate about what they are saying and why. Never give up and do not accept upsetting refusals from publishers that may not understand your work. I had many refusals before I got cracking but when the door does open it will be worth it.

7. I am currently reading your Peter Swift and the Secret of Genounia novel, which I am
really enjoying! Are you planning on writing a follow up to this book?

My time travel/ghost story – type novel was a total break from my usual controversial style of factual writing.  I enjoyed doing it as well. People have indeed asked me if I shall do a follow up and one day I may.

8. Do you believe we will ever find out the answer to whether we are alone in the universe?

Yes, I am sure that we shall keep on making new discoveries and that in time epic strides will be achieved. So long as we can refrain from blowing each other up, via the evils of religious fundamentalism / political madness we have the sky as our limit.

9. Other than writing books do you have any other interests and passions?

I do love photography and am usually seen carrying a camera on my travels. I am also an avid angler with special interest in fly-fishing and also the old vintage cane and creel gear. I make traditional fishing floats as well.

10. Who inspires you?

As a Pagan, nature and the old gods of the land provide all the motivation I need.
 In my earlier days however I found inspiration from great countryside campaigners, like Jack Hargreaves.

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