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Saturday, 12 December 2015

The ethnic cleansing of Southport - via authoritarian stealth

How they are killing off our Sandgrounder heritage

 Guns and bullets are not the ‘only’ way to cleanse an area of its native people. There are other, more clandestine, ways to eradicate an identity and what follows marks one classic example. 

The makeup of Southport has changed so much over the previous years and at times one is hard-pressed to find genuine Sandgrounders. This was not helped with the outrageous hospital cuts of 2003, which in a way marked a form of creeping ethnic cleaning. 

They shipped our Children’s A&E and Maternity services to another county. This ruse naturally meant that kids from Southport would largely from that point onward be born ‘outside’ the town and thus be unable to call themselves, ‘Sandgrounders, born and bred!’

The result was (is) a loss of cultural identity for our Southport families. 

Some of us fought these moves

The self-seeking authorities eradicated the ability of Sandgrounders to have their offspring born in their OWN town. 

This was of course of little consequence to folks who had moved into our town from outside but a huge blow to locals who were set to lose their Southport identity, their local birthright. 

Remember also that we are apparently controlled by an aloof and largely belligerent ‘Sefton’ Council, run by a smirking women who has at times been paid more than the UK’s PM.

Big city takeover  

Some have said to me, with a tangible urgency in their voices, that Southport should now be renamed as ‘Little Liverpool’, after noting how housing authorities are swamping Southport with tenants from the Liverpool province. 

One is compelled to ask if this is really true or just a basic human fear of being invaded by outsiders from the big city.

I cannot speak for all parts of Southport but where I live we have noted that the One Vision Housing Authority has indeed filled many vacant premises that were previously inhabited by locals with outsiders. 

This has resulted in some resentment and especially by elderly locals who are not socially interacting successfully with the newcomers. That is factual and a matter easily proven. There are of course good and bad people in all towns and we cannot generalise over such matters in any negative fashion. 

It is however a matter of concern when local folk are observing an increasing number of dwellings being given away by the housing authorities to people from the big city region, instead of Southport when many young locals are still in need. 

This social movement only pushes out our own Southport residents and further increases the loss of Southport’s dwindling identity. 

I have asked some officials about this matter and they also appear to be less than happy with what their big city - orientated superiors are busy implementing for housing needs, behind the scenes.

The controversial NHS cuts ensured that Southport is being screwed out of its birthright and many sit back and let it happen. Some even help this appalling eradication of the town to occur and do not even know it!

More recently a petition was created to help try and regain some of our lost Southport children’s services and also additional care services for our elderly in need. 

Will you take a few seconds of your time to sign it?

Naturally, those persons with hidden agendas (the ones who are a part of the problems I allude to above) will object to my words. This is only to be expected; one cannot make an omelette without cracking eggs. 

I will ‘say it as it is’ and not as I am 'expected' to say it, via a link to any restrictive political, media or other grouping. 

Numerous local people have said the very same thing to me - therefore I am just laying it down sincerely here in words so please, don't shoot the messenger!

The powers that be are effectively killing off our Southport identity on a daily basis.They do it largely because  we allow them to do it!

Perhaps it’s time to wake up, think about the future and start kicking back.

Southport deserves better! 

Pat Regan ©

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