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Monday, 21 December 2015

Latest NHS CHILD ALERT strengthens calls by CARES for better health services for Southport’s kids

OTS NEWS reported the following….

On Friday 18th December an 18-month-old Southport boy had his first seizure and his parents immediately dialled 999. The boy’s mother said:

“Twenty minutes after the first call and there was no sign of the ambulance therefore I called back. This time I was told there was a queue so we had to wait, by this time my son was foaming at his mouth, limp and blue in colour. After another twenty minutes, I decide I had no other option but to take him by car to Ormskirk hospital. Thankfully he had started to come round on the way the hospital. On arrival, I basically was told off by a staff nurse for bringing him in by car I should have waited for an ambulance. I rang home to learn an ambulance had turned up one hour and five mins after I initially rang through to ambulance service. I’m actually disgusted with the ambulance service, surely a baby is high priority, obviously not”.

Today no one was available to comment from the North West Ambulance Service.


Since 2003 CARES have been fighting for better services for the town’s children.

More recently we have started a petition.

The CARES campaign started when the NHS Trust decided to relocate our vital services for children and pregnant women to Ormskirk. 

This unbelievable decision is we believe totally unacceptable, highly dangerous to the patients involved and distressing to families in general. Southport is a large town built on the holiday industry which urgently needs these essential hospital services for visitors as well as the residents herein. We received 18,532 names on petitions which were presented to bosses from the NHS following a massive protest march (Sunday 17th August 03) at Southport Hospital. An estimated four thousand protesters took part in this historical march to show the Trust just how strong public disgust was against these highly unpopular and autocratic changes. These petitions were presented to number 10 Downing Street by CARES on Thursday 19th February 2004. Since 2003 CARES have arranged and attended many meeting and protests. CARES Co-chairs Cath Regan and Margaret Brown have attended regular Stakeholder meetings with the NHS, PCT and others in an attempt to resolve this odious situation.

The fight continues to bring back services to Southport. 


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