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Thursday, 26 November 2015

Pat joins the team as UFO Consultant! 


Southport's UFO author/researcher, Pat Regan, has now been selected for the international  'CubeSat' team

Please see this link for details of the team's latest activities ...

Pat said.

"It's a real pleasure and an honour to be selected to help out with this exciting UFO-related project. I have personally received a huge amount of international public data over the years concerning the UFO axis. Much of this astonishing information has ended up within online articles that I have written, in the media or in my UFO books. I have also been interviewed on television and radio many times in relation to the ET question. My UFO information experience is therefore open to this intrepid team of adventurers, as such hard-won familiarity with the topic may prove invaluable in many future instances."

"I welcome any genuine attempts, such as this one, to increase our restricted understanding of what resides beyond the limits of our current human understanding. The team deserves support from any genuine, open-minded seekers. "

The team’s goal is to secure $50,000 in funding for the project, which they are currently pursuing with crowd-sourced funding efforts at: 

Contact Information for Dave Cote:

Contact Information for Mark Richfield (PR):

Breaking News! 

The team just aired on National News. 

More soon... 

Disclaimer: Pat Regan assists the CubeSat team in a voluntary capacity only, derives no remunerative benefit from the project and is not involved in any Financial or Fund-raising aspects, acting solely as the 'UFO consultant' to the team. 

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