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Thursday, 5 November 2015

Mans' Best Friend – must NOT be placed on the menu!

I was alerted by ‘Humane Society International’ that  MPs today (5 Nov. 2015) have the opportunity to discuss actions to stop the dog meat trade, within a Commons debate scheduled by the Backbench Business Committee following a bid from Robert Flello MP.

Every year an estimated 30 million dogs across Asia are kept in deplorable conditions and subjected to excruciating and distressing deaths to end up on dinner plates. This brutal trade is principally unregulated and habitually unlawful.

Every year millions of pets are stolen to meet the dog traders' demand, pets that have learned to trust humans who are then beaten to death and even in some cases boiled alive. In South Korea, millions of dogs are intensively bred for their meat on farms in horrendously destitute conditions and then most usually killed by electrocution, hanging or worse.

The dog meat trade is also a danger to human health. This risk has specifically been quoted by the World Health Organisation as a supporting element in recent rabies outbreaks in China and Indonesia.

It’s also vital to realise that this is not a matter regarding cultural/national changes in nutritional decisions.  The brutality exacted on these poor dogs is totally objectionable as it would be for any living creature treated in such a manner.

Britain prides itself on being a world trailblazer in animal well-being and has enthusiastically encouraged other nations to implement equally high standards of animal protection.

I would like to see the UK devote time and resources to working with Asian nations to create a shared strategy with a goal of ending this torture for good.

Southport MP supportive of calls for ban on appalling animal cruelty

I recently wrote to my Southport MP, Dr John Pugh, about the appalling issue of dogs being used for food. Dr Pugh presented me with an encouraging response, which I partially highlight below...

“Dear Pat,
 Thank you for your email about the Commons dog meat debate on Thursday. I have a long standing interest in all areas of animal cruelty and have previously supported various Early Day Motions which promote the welfare of dogs, including EDM 357 on Compulsory Microchipping of Dogs and also EDM 159 on this very issue, the Dog Meat Trade. Both EDMs can be seen below. I am also an enthusiastic attender of many Dogs Trust events."
" I do not see this debate as one which will be opposed on Thursday, due to it being a backbench debate. However, while the motion has my whole hearted support the debate is most likely to take place when I am travelling back to Southport and so I will be unable to attend.”

Dr Pugh added…
 “I do believe this debate will not be opposed and that it highlights excellently the issues surrounding treatment of dogs.  I will also continue to press for animal’s rights as I have throughout my parliamentary career on issues such as banning fox hunting, banning wild animals in circuses and protecting our bees.


Dogs have been mans’ finest ally in matters of defence, food-gathering, herding, and various working tasks (plus of course fiercely loyal friends) to us since time immemorial. This horror must be halted!

Today, our canine comrades need our help and I believe we owe it to them to be there in their time of greatest need.

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