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Monday, 30 November 2015



Conservative Cllr Ted Hartill (who lives in Kew) has indicated that he is in favour of yet another superstore in the Ainsdale area. That would naturally take essential business 'away' from the main Ainsdale village.

Is he really trying to tell us that Ainsdale village traders, who previously challenged the Tesco inroads, would welcome more trade-robbing competition from a proposed global supermarket chain store? Is Hartill now telling us that the little shops already on Sandbrook Road and the nearby convenience store in Liverpool Road want a multi - chain store right on their doorstep?

Is Hartill aware that there was a large store on the corner of Sandbrook Road/Way for years, right back in the 1970s? That closed down. The two pubs also closed down and other businesses as well.

All these businesses required traffic, yet he is now apparently working ‘against’ recent calls for improved child health and dementia care facilities.  Therefore, his thinking is, once again, ultimately flawed.

Are we that surprised when he and Cllr Jones could not even be bothered to support the fight for the Brookdale Dementia Care Centre, which was widely highlighted in the Southport press and was ultimately successful?

Terry Jones and all his vote-grabbing blather in 2011 against Tesco in Ainsdale village seems to mean nothing today? He was happy to bang his little war drum back then saying the Village was being robbed of trade.

Today, the terminally befuddled Ainsdale Tories have changed their agenda and are ‘supporting’ moves to bring in a supermarket chain store a mile or so up the road from the main village in Woodvale.

Speaking about the Woodvale eyesore area, Hartill told the local media...

“A couple of retail outlets want to knock it down and rebuild it and I think that would be ideal. One of them being Aldi.

The plans for an Express Tesco store on Station Road in 2011  provoked a huge backlash in Ainsdale village with almost 4,000 people signing a petition against it. Ainsdale Tories were fully 'behind' that protest. 

At the time Cllr Terry Jones said they would continue the fight against the store. But today Ainsdale's Tory circus is performing a very different act...  

Tory hypocrisy in Ainsdale is highlight well when we see that in other places residents are protesting about the very type of stores that Jones and Hartill are wishing to inflict on Ainsdale. 

Protesters in Sale Moor say the village will be destroyed if developers are allowed to build a superstore.  A number of businesses are said to be interested in the site, with one including German supermarket chain Aldi. Hundreds of protesters gathered outside Sale Moor Methodist Church on Thursday during a consultation event.
Do these balloon - loving Tory clowns make up this duplicitous nonsense, via moving the goals posts from one year to the next as they go along, or does someone teach it to them?
One minute they protest against chain stores and the next they welcome them. 

Double standards stink. 

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