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Friday, 9 October 2015

Interfaith with fundamentalists and Christian Witches - are you totally mad?

Christo/Pagan Interfaith

Facts instead of hollow and misguided opinions

There is still an unbelievable amount of ridiculous naivety among new Pagans (and even older ones too that should know better) about the Christian fundamentalist threat to Paganism and the stupidity of trying to interfaith with a theoretical machine that is based on either suppression or conversion of other faith systems.

A few trendy and liberal-minded vicars have in the past sought to find common ground with Pagans at interfaith meetings yet at the end of the day these somewhat fickle-hearted ones are always accountable to the Christian fundamentalist leaders who are by biblical definition and holy writ ‘always’ anti-occultist in nature. Their entire impetus for existence is to spread the gospel and teach ‘Christ Crucified’. Those that disagree with their narrow-minded biblical worldview (me for example) are seen as a constant threat to their beliefs.

Pagans do ‘not’ need to interfaith with this intolerant body; we do not need their ‘permission,’ blessing or guidance to exist or practice our native earth-orientated beliefs.

What’s more, the Church has never bothered to apologise for the evil mass genocide it committed on all unorthodox minorities during the burning times.

Alternatively, in fact it actually ‘celebrates’ its oppression of the occult and Christian fundamentalist charities spend millions on ant-occultist propaganda each year. Wiccan/Pagan liaison with tolerant faiths (that do not seek new converts) is great yet with Christian fundamentalism (that actively proselytises and seeks converts for Christ) it is totally illogical, dangerous and very silly.

Thankfully, some voluntary human rights groups like SAFF and the PAN have spent a great deal of time money and effort in explaining this current situation so that others would be forewarned. They have also helped numerous innocent occultists get their kids back who were wrongly taken into Social Service care following the odious Satanic Ritual Abuse Myth (SRAM), which was created by well-respected/funded evangelists during the hysteria of Rochdale, Orkney, Notts etc.

The very same self-righteous evangelical SRAM-instigators also worked hard at interfaithing with naive Pagan leaders who failed to see that they were actually being cleverly manipulated and tapped for sensitive/confidential information that was to be later used against Pagans everywhere!

One of the biggest mistakes is to assume that Christian fundamentalist crusaders do not understand in some way our Pagan beliefs.

Please take a look at the following motivational agenda of the Church when it comes to targeting YOU at interfaith events …

 20 dangers for trusting Pagans at Christo/Pagan interfaith

(1) Spreading the gospel is the prime aspiration of Christianity. History clearly testifies to this fact.

(2) Christians believe it to be their sacred duty to save (Pagan) souls for Christ, for if they fail in this quest they don't get to go to heaven.

(3) The Church, in all its divergent forms has been suppressing or converting rival belief-systems for centuries (and still does so on a regular basis!)

(4) Christian monopoly of the nation's spirituality will never be open to theological conjecture, especially from a minority (Paganism) that has been regarded as the most evil/satanic belief-system by Christians since early missionary days.

(5) Hard-line, anti-occultist fundamentalist organisations/charities are strongly supported and frequently financed by the orthodox churches, that in turn are backed by millions of ordinary, liberal-minded Christian (and secular) folk alike.

(6) Christian doctrine teaches that Pagan beliefs are satanic; hence Pagans must be guided towards the so-called ‘Light of Christ’ for their own good. This has always been their shrewd justification to infiltrate/subvert then suppress Paganism worldwide.

(7) Liberal-minded/interfaithing vicars are always finally accountable to the ruling fundamentalist machine, which is by virtue doctrinally anti-Pagan.

(8) Christian, anti-occultist theology is irreversible. In the fundamentalist mind-set, any faith/concept other than Christianity is deemed satanically-inspired. This intolerant standpoint cannot be modified.

(9) The only grouping to benefit from Christo/pagan liaison at interfaith will be Christianity. This is another truth supported by historic accounts everywhere.

(10) Pagan information gained by Christians at interfaith has already been used to disenfranchise Pagans and create SRAM -based hysteria and still is.

(11) Regardless of the misinformed views of the pro-interfaith lobby, Pagans don't need Christian permission/approval to practice their beliefs. These are enshrined in the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights. We must defend these liberties not squander them at interfaith with scheming clergymen, linked to an intolerantly suppressive (anti-Pagan) regime.

(12) Christian doctrine demands that the only salvation is through Jesus Christ. Any follower who fails to convert non-believers is shirking their sacred duty.

(13) Evangelical organisations spend millions of pounds in the UK on repressive, anti-occultist campaigns each year. Seeking to ban Halloween festivities each year is a favourite crusade of theirs.

(14) Christian fundamentalist activists are working non-stop behind the scenes to create further satanic-abuse hysteria, often using data gained from liaising with naive Pagans at interfaith meetings.

(15) The Vatican previously created a successful new blood-libel against Paganism by deviously blaming us for the evil Nazi-holocaust!

(16) There can be no middle-way/compromise between destructive, interfaithing Christo/Pagans and committed members supporting vital, fundamentalist - monitoring/anti-defamation groups like PAN/SAFF. We deal with hard, irrefutable evidence not untutored personal opinions. If we believed that interfaith with the Church was a good idea for Paganism then we would say so!

(17) Individual Pagans who refuse to back PAN/SAFF on this essential front are part of the problem, thus aiding the suppressive fundamentalist campaign against ‘all’ minority religions.

(18) You are not being told the truth! Some apathetic Pagan magazine editors keep gullible readers in the dark by extolling interfaith. They actually denigrate the old-faiths faster than anyone else. These fools should be given short shrift and exposed for the menacing pretenders that they really are.

(19) Pagans supporting C/P interfaith have never managed to give PAN/SAFF a satisfactory explanation as to just ‘why’ they think interfaith with fundamentalism is such a fine idea, or how it can benefit Paganism in any way, shape or form!

(20) Christianity has been successfully infiltrating Pagan faiths for centuries. For example, voodoo deities are now equated with Catholic saints etc. This insidious subversion will continue in all traditions if Pagans don't wake up to the terrible threat very soon and help us to resist it.

Anglican interfaith mole and the trusting Pagan Federation clowns who let him in ...

Interestingly, the Diocese of Oxford planted one of their 'nice' missionary activists (a very chummy little vicar) into Pagan Federation (PF) camps some years ago. The smug PF junta invited the Church of England’s Rev Richard Thomas as a guest speaker to their annual conference in 2004.Many trusting Pagan interfaith bunnies fell for the missionary ruse with open arms, yet it all went sort of pear-shaped for them when the trusted clergyman was convicted of child pornography. 

The media previously reported that Rev Richard Thomas, 56, admitted that he had downloaded 119 images, most of which were considered less severe. However, a handful of the pictures were classed as level 5, the most severe category. He maintained he had done it inadvertently. The former adviser to the Bishop of Oxford was told by a judge that he faces a jail sentence after pleading guilty to making and possessing indecent images of children.

How confident should we be therefore in listening to  his charismatic opinions on Christo Pagan interfaith liaison? Moreover, why exactly did the Pagan Federation permit untested, unworthy, hypocrites like this into our fold?

The poor old PF do seem to be overly gullible and far too trusting as we have shown many times in the past. However, their previous sterling support for inviting such  fundamentalist agitators into our midst may be more questionable that even we at first thought possible. Can we actually trust their insights into 'anything' after we observe this alarming news concerning this top ranker linked to the Diocese of Oxford?

Are we to still believe this vicar's promises of finding 'common ground' between Pagans and Christians, or do we grow up and see the missionary in sheep's clothing that a few of us have always suspected and warned about? Let's face it - if a Pagan had been arrested for child pornography the clergy would be lining up to say that it was solid evidence that Paganism and the occult promotes wholesale child abuse!

And yes, speaking of similar ... 

The Church has made a deep - seated historical study about Pagan beliefs traditions and practices for numerous centuries. Subsequently, its eager activists usually know’ ‘more about our beliefs than most Pagans do. It’s time that all Pagans and Wiccans woke up to this particular fact. We have nothing whatsoever to apologise for yet the Church has centuries of disgusting oppression, vilification, torture and murder to explain away!

Let’s face it – they still haven’t apologised for the last round of Satan-hunting SRAM during the 1980s. which cost the UK taxpayer millions of pounds and ruined the lives of many innocent families. The USA has similar accounts of zealous Christian fundamentalist, anti-occult, madness and so do most other countries as well. Swapping your pentacle for a nice brass cross at some trendy interfaith moot holds a bigger price than you may ever imagine.

Christian Witch / Christian Pagan... can anyone be so soft in the head? 

Genuine grass-root Pagans have for decades sought to educate others towards the dangers of fundamentalist infiltration to the Old religion/ Paganism, via so-called interfaith.

Sadly, today we have a few plastic pretenders (usually liberal Christians who like the free-wheeling style of none-doctrinal  Paganism) seeking to water down the old ways even further, via the contradictory term, 'Christian Witchcraft' or 'Christian Paganism.' Of course it's also a very lucrative cash machine for some plastics who use the growing popularity of  Paganism to pull in the dollars from the many trusting souls out there. This is all yet another example of the wholesale sanitisation/watering down of Paganism, so beloved of crusading evangelicals (posing as Pagans) and nothing more than a subterfuge to hoodwink naive seekers into full gospel-based worship.  It’s an old tried and tested ‘missionary’ method that has gained the fundies a plethora of fresh converts from native Pagan faiths, throughout history. 

Change the names of the deities then water down ‘pantheistic’ philosophy/worship until it becomes ‘monotheistic’ i.e. ONE GOD biased (in this case Jesus-based).  Simple but highly effective and so easy it is for clever evangelicals to overrun young ‘wannabe’ Pagan seekers and train their minds into ‘questioning’ their own beliefs until the conversion process in complete. 

This conversion method is of course nothing new but a common form of ‘brainwashing’ that has been implemented by man in his quest for power over others that failed to comply, since time immemorial.  

Recently more vocal activists have appeared and their style appeals to some who are clearly unaware of their missionary agenda. Here is one example... 

So called 'Rev Valerie Love' (founder of just one Christian Witch site) seems to be attracting a few credulous wannabe Pagans who cannot 'quite' shake off the chains of Xtian dogmatism. 

How interesting it that she has links with dedicated African Missionaries who wish to evangelise the entire world into their exclusive brand of religious mind screw! 

Rev Valerie's outreach from Kenya make no excuses about  its MISSIONARY agenda but like I say, many fall for the ruse time and time again - as they have throughout history. 


The 'gospel delivered' ultimately means suppression of native belief systems and has damaged and destroyed so many ancient cultures throughout the centuries, 

Interfaith with ‘tolerant’ faiths, which are not absolutist in their nature is fine yet interfaith with fundamentalist regimes, who simply want new converts to swell their ranks is total insanity.

And today we are expected to take THIS seriously? 

For the love of the Goddess and liberation from organised religious herd mentality - do not allow these monotheistic pretenders (Christo Pagans) the opportunity to turn the old earth-orientated faiths into something they never were. Do not permit them to turn the beauty of wholesome natural Paganism/Witchcraft into yet another sad denomination of the larger Xtian Church.

Make no mistake, the ideologies of Christianity and Witchcraft/Paganism are totally different and only a person ignorant of these clear distinctions would be silly enough to entitle themselves as a ‘Christian Witch or Pagan. Any fool who ‘really’ believes that they can be a Christian Witch or Christian Pagan has obviously been totally bamboozled by the type of Christo-Pagan mind-manipulators like those named above or is actually ‘one’ of them, put in place to infiltrate and eventually undermine Paganism, via such missionary techniques.

Somewhat comically, the ambiguous Christian Witch lobby seem to be blissfully unaware that the book they uphold so proudly as the 'Word of God' (the Bible), clearly states the following.

‘Thou shalt not suffer a witch to live.’ 
  Exodus 22:18 

So one may reasonably ask, have the CWs rewritten the Bible to suit their own agenda? I suppose they may as well do that because many sectarian activists before them, with axes to grind, have done exactly the same thing. Numerous versions now exist, which are dependent on the political/religious motivation of the given writers in question. The King James version is very popular with most fundamentalists today  and was a rehashed version of older scriptures. James was an avid witch hater and murdered many poor souls, due to his religious bias. Therefore, anybody in a church these days holding a bible should remember that this 'holy book' in fact honours a brutal murderer.

All bible versions are equally bogus because all are reliant on the unproven historicity of the alleged man-god figure of Jesus. All claims about an alleged Jesus figure originate from highly questionable writings done by other people. Today as always, we do not have one scrap of evidence to deduce the widely claimed historicity of an alleged Jesus Christ figure. All we have is evidence for the blind BELIEF of Jesus. Anyone who claims to have evidence regarding any witness of a historic Jesus must be able to provide the author's birth date. Subsequently, any birth that occurred after an event cannot serve as an eyewitness. Their words alone (not someone else’s) can only serve as evidence for that event. No one has the slimmest physical validation to support a historical Jesus; no artifacts, residence, works of carpentry, art or self-written manuscripts. All bogus and all a transparent corruption of our ancient earth – based native spirituality that today’s shrewd mind controllers have cleverly robbed off us, through centuries of religious indoctrination.

Consequently, when the penny finally drops regarding this murderous biblical decree against real witches can we expect these bewildered, religious, cherry-pickers to all take the path of the lemming and dive off the nearest cliff? Alternatively,  will they just ditch this controversial part of their god's word and fluff over the issue, like regular Xtian fundamentalists do?

Sadly, this absurd situation has bitten deeply into the heart of Paganism in both the UK and abroad. It can however be stopped as long as those of us in the know refuse to fall for the con. Keep Paganism real and oppose the Christo Pagan madness now!

Beware the smiling Christian wolf in sheep’s clothing – it remains his/her sacred duty to target YOU as a convert! 

They have been trying this on for centuries - do you really think anything has changed? 

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I should add here that the vast majority of Christians are not fundamentalist or evangelical in make up and I only criticise religious extremists who seek to disenfranchise other faiths, whilst bolstering their own. I do not in any way condone violence against any persons or property and must state that one should always work towards a more tolerant and equal society.

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