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Friday, 18 September 2015

World's Hottest Chili

I grow chilies myself and speak as I find independently. 

This video below is of me having a bite at this fascinating variety, the Carolina Reaper.

This season I grew the 'officially' hottest variety, which is the Carolina Reaper. I affectionately call them 'C-reapers' 

Young plants in the sun

A nice tasting and juicy chili that has a good bite. The heat is slow to hit home and I found this one warmed me up nicely for quite a while after eating it.

This variety takes up a lot of space however, so that is worth considering if you grow them.  

Young plants back in spring 

Good chilies but I have grown hotter tasting ones myself than this, which also take up less room.

Nice crop waiting for the sun 


Don't eat hot chilies if you are not used to them just to impress your pals or look brave on Facebook. If you do then you may make yourself VERY sick. 

I kid you not! 

Various varieties ready for cooking 

Six in a meal is overdoing it a bit -  but VERY tasty ... 

And if you want to add and interesting twist, then why not throw in a bit of Satan's Paste ...

Good cooking folks!

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