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Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Sun dog witnessed over Ainsdale 

On 16 September 2015 a very prominent phenomenon called a sun dog appeared in the early morning over Ainsdale

A sun dog or sundog (also called a parhelion, plural parhelia, for 'beside the sun' or 'mock sun')  is a particular type of ice halo.

It is a coloured patch of light to the side of the sun. Sundogs can be seen anywhere in the world during any season. In Europe or USA they might be seen 1-2 times per week but not always perceptibly bright. Their forms may vary in appearance as well. They are not rainbows. They are produced from ice crystals.

This video below shows one I filmed in Southport previously ... 

As with the photos I printed here, sundogs are best seen and at their most prominent when the sun is lower in the sky, i.e, mornings and evenings  

Look out for sundogs when there is a lot of delicate cirrus cloud about.  

More on this lovely phenomenon here... 

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