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Monday, 31 August 2015

UFO over the lake 

Fishing ventures are times when the unexpected can crop up.

This was proven for me personally when I photographed a twister in Rufford and subsequent UFO some years ago.

More recently my son Jason took a shot of me when we were fly fishing in a Lancashire lake and this produced an image of something that we could not validate.

Make of it what you will,  but we were unaware of the UFO (over my head in the heading picture) at the time of the photograph.

What it 'was' I am not sure and I include this for curiosity value, so please don't shoot the messenger. 

More importantly perhaps we did manage to catch our tea ..

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  1. New Mills Fly Fishing Lake is a Troutmasters stream fed water and home to hard fighting specimen rainbow, golden, tiger, blue and brown trout up to 22lb+. Open all year round, with dawn, twilight and disability fishing available.