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Saturday, 8 August 2015

So you're complaining about living in a Woodvale slum - "you are a disgrace"! 

Fundamentalist Christian missionary outfit behind Woodvale Slum issue, allegedly berates family man for complaining about disgusting living conditions


It’s totally nauseating that our councillors have kept us all in the dark for ages. 

It took a few residents hours to discover what was behind this fiasco.

The question is – why were we NOT told by our councillors and authorities about what lay behind the Woodvale slum situation?

Why have councillors sat on this one for so long?

Moreover, why are the local Southport press not investigating and exposing the conduct of the Christian fundamentalist outfit in question? Do they have an undisclosed reason for ignoring this appalling family issue?


UPDATE: Pastor Pete’s office allegedly calls desperate family man a disgrace


'I’m Keeping you up to date with the Sandbrook Road Shoreline Housing shambles.

Today (Friday 7th August) I spoke to a lady at the office and she just talked over me and said:

“I will not listen to you, you are a disgrace, we helped you when homeless”.

I then asked to speak to pastor Pete, she said “no I can’t”. I then told her he has asked me to call him and She replied “you can’t speak with him”, then she put the phone down.

In Mr Alan Wiles case, Shoreline Housing will not do anything about the dangerously poor living conditions of this two bedroom flat.'

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We reiterate – why were campaigners and families NOT told, by our secretive councillors and authorities, about what resided behind the Woodvale slum situation?

Creating houses for the homeless is one thing, yet allowing areas to turn into filthy and uninhabitable slums is quite another matter altogether! 

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