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Monday, 3 August 2015

Australia ready to ban cats from going outdoors in desperate bid to save wildlife

The Sydney Morning Herald says the proposals to keep cats under house arrest have been drawn up by Gregory Andrews, Australia’s threatened species commissioner.

Wildlife officials advocating drastic move to protect native species 

Domestic cats in Australia could be banned from going outdoors in an attempt to protect native animals. 

Domestic cats are lethal hunters, killing at least 275 million other animals a year in Britain, a report showed today.

Considering the massive impact of cats on native species such as song birds and amphibians this proposed move is both logical and prudent and can only help the already diminishing eco-systems that cats are persistently threatening.
 I hope this caring proposal is also tabled for the UK. There is nothing more heart-breaking than to see a mother blackbird, wren, robin etc  have her new chicks ripped out of the nest to be killed and left to rot.

Cats are one of the top threats to US wildlife, killing billions of animals each year, a study suggests.
The authors estimate they are responsible for the deaths of between 1.4 and 3.7 billion birds and 6.9-20.7 billion mammals annually.

British wildlife left to rot - many cats kill and do not even bother to eat what they take 

Sadly some (not all) cat owners cannot  be trusted to watch what their beloved  feline pets get up to so, moves to protect wildlife are only sensible. 

The alternative is to let cats continue to pillage every rural and urban hedgerow at will.  

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