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Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Orange Day celebrations and the way religious and political mind manipulation still works today

In order to understand the present we must study the past.

Basically, the Magna Charta (1215) is not all that it’s cracked up to be. It was a contract between the ruling classes and the monarchy. The Magna Charta simply delayed absolute power from the monarch and distributed it amongst the Barons instead.

Everyday people could still be summarily executed for insignificant crimes on the decree of the ruling Barons and Bishops without trial by jury. Citizens remained as little more than trivial serfs.

Human rights law remained virtually absent until the next turning point. This was the Bill of Rights, put in place by William of Orange in 1689. However, once again the major principle for this 'Bill of Rights' was an endeavour by the ruling class to restructure antique laws to suit its own political purposes. Individual human rights were simply a consequence of the latter.

This Bill of Rights restricted the Monarch's power, granting the power of initiation exclusively to Parliament. The most essential individual human right bestowed at that time was the right for individual citizens to petition the Sovereign. This was a rather shrewd political contrivance meant to pertain exclusively to the organisers of the ruling class and thus shatter regal domination.

Amusingly, the hidden agenda of this so-called ‘Bill of Rights' was that it expressly applied to Protestants and not to Catholics. It was therefore in essence a most successful political subterfuge to disenfranchise Catholics and create an absolutist Protestant state during the period when the country was riddled with a destructive power struggle amongst squabbling Christian sects.

Religious bigotry (you really do have to laugh) was institutionalised within the State, via this flawed ‘Bill of Rights'. Consequently, this situation possibly gives us the factual origin of the religiously-based divergence in Ireland between Protestant Orangemen' and Catholic Republicans. Bigotry is very often a dark thing that is carefully indoctrinated into willing minds, from a very early age.

Controversial modern celebrations of ancient battles that were originally and carefully engineered by astute power-seeking rulers merely show us that they still have their boot on the public’s throat, even today. Support for such opinionated events also show us that there is ‘one born every minute’. Such is the blind, uncompromising, nature of fundamentalism.

 Do societies that claim to uphold true tolerance really do themselves a favour by continuing to celebrate the origins of hate, prejudice and inequality?

Think for yourself - instead of letting others, with hidden agendas, do it for you!


The event in Southport seemed to pass off peacefully but some people make life hard for the rest.

As I stood watching near to Queen Victoria's statue with the kids one woman dressed in orange and draped in a flag shouted constant obscenities at the marchers.

She was in fact cheering on in support shouting , "Raise the f****** flag lads",  for several minutes until her clearly embarrassed daughter shouted,  "Shut up mum".

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  1. Well thought out piece as usual Pat.
    It's great that you always seek to find the greater truth hidden beneath the surface.
    Bryan Harper