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Wednesday, 1 July 2015


Virtual gridlock on Coast Road - thanks to cyclists 

Tempers raging high as bicycles  take over Southport's main 50 mph coastal roadway 

Today a large group of cycle riders created long delays for drivers on the Coastal Road. 

A long line of cars (stretching from Ainsdale to Birkdale) behind these riders moved at a snail's pace. 

There is a dedicated cycle track available, yet the bikes chose to use the main road. 

Every season MANY 'responsible' bike riders use the cycle track with no problems, yet this group did not! 

The road holds a 50 mph limit yet drivers were forced to travel at low speeds from just 10 to 20 mph behind the bikes.  

Several vexed drivers have contacted us stating that the delay  created by this band of  bikers cost them up to 45 minutes extra, on what is usually a straight and routine trip. Many people were made late for various appointments due to this ill planned activity. 

Cars were unable to overtake and the leading question is posed ... 

What would have happened if an emergency vehicle such as a police, paramedical or fire engine had reason to use this busy two lane road?

Questions have of course been raised  in the past about the basic unsuitability of any slow-moving vehicles (tractors, horses, etc) using this frequently deadly and narrow road.

Cyclists have as much right as anyone to utilise our UK road network,  yet 'sensible' ones do naturally see the logic of not creating unnecessary confrontation with other road users, via sheer arrogance.

Bias and antagonism helps no one!  

Another problems that creates frustration for road users and accidents ... 

Lighting Regulations

It is illegal to cycle on a public road after dark without lights and reflectors. Exactly which lights and reflectors, where to fit them and when to light up, is defined by the Road Vehicles Lighting Regulations

Be seen and be safe! 


  1. More concerning is the lack of space if a UFO wanted to land. Terrible state of affairs.

    1. childish comment that have nothing to do with the article.