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Friday, 26 June 2015


Censorship against evil race hate or the removal of cultural heritage? 

Have Apple, Amazon and Ebay etc shown a caring side or are they just bowing to half-baked, politically - correct  opinions over what is alleged to be right or wrong?

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This is what Ebay is saying...

Effective immediately, we’re updating our offensive materials and prohibited items policy to prohibit the sale of Confederate battle flags and many items containing this image. We’re banning these items from all of our global sites.We believe this image has become a contemporary symbol of divisiveness and racism. Our decision is consistent with our long-standing policy that prohibits the sale of items that promote or glorify hatred, violence and intolerance. This action isn’t expected to impact the listing and sale of authentic historical items – or other items of historical significance – from the American Civil War period.Over the next few days, we’ll be removing listings of Confederate battle flags as well as those that contain this image. We’ll refund all insertion fees associated with such listings. This initial removal of listings won’t count as a policy violation against your account. Going forward, we’ll also block new listings of Confederate battle flags, as well as items containing this image.Thanks for your understanding and – as always – for selling with us.
The eBay Team

Any stand against the evils of slavery and race hatred is naturally to be congratulated.  

However, are we 100% certain that this rush to remove the  Battle flag is being made clear enough ?

First of all we have to define what is meant by the 'Confederate Battle Flag'. Are the censors speaking about just one flag or the earlier versions? More than one type of flag was flown during the Civil War days so...?

There were three consecutive national flag designs that served as the official national flags of the Confederate States of America (the "Confederate States" or the "Confederacy") during its existence from 1861 to 1865.

Here are a few examples below that may be under threat from manipulation, mind-control and ultimate censorship... 

Will the censors then clarify 'which' particular flag they are banning or will it be every single one EVER associated with the Southern States? 

I have only mentioned a few here.

I have a feeling that people who are passionately interested in retaining some type of cultural heritage in the South may not be too happy about this current censorship. 

I reiterate that honourable stands against race hate are commendable, yet we have to be most careful about seeking to rewrite history. 

This is because history itself teaches us valuable lessons that we must never forget. 

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