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Tuesday, 23 June 2015

How long before someone gets hurt under Woodvale eyesore?

Despite the best efforts of local campaigners the Woodvale eyesore on Sandbrook Road/Way corner, that is the old abandoned Brook building, remains.

In fact the monstrosity is now more dangerous than ever with planks of rotting wood falling from higher up. Sooner or later collapsing debris, perhaps in high winds, from this building may hit a passer-by, even a child.  

This whole area and the typical pre-election political promises to finally address it properly shame this entire region.

More like a bombed out war-torn  inner city than a classic seaside town.

Litter and fly-tipping is also a problem with locals having to clean up the mess, due to no feasible concern from the Council or some politicians of the Ward.  

Broken residential fences that should have been fixed months ago by One Vision Housing also remain an issue of concern.

Woodvale’s forgotten wasteland exposes appalling  authoritarian and political lack of concern and leaves residents wondering just what the hell is going on! 

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This fiasco disgraces our town and is clearly unacceptable - but why do us residents have to do all the shouting when others have 'blocked' proposals to improve this area? 


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