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Tuesday, 5 May 2015



Southport's Libdem, John Pugh, has bucked the national trend and defeated Preston's Tory, Damien Moore, in the 2015 election

Terry Jones just scrapped in to win Ainsdale Ward in the 2015 election. The Sefton Tory chief won by just 269 votes, against hard-working Libdem campaigner, Lynne Thompson.

Tory Leader Terry Jones had previously delivered a very bizarre leaflet promoting himself as some type of redeemer of ‘working class’ children.

In this strange sheet, Jones was pictured looking incredibly gloomy with gravestones behind him. This grammatically-challenged piece of trumpet blowing was about as ‘desperate’ as any politician could ever get. It however appeared to have impressed 'some' voters who have 'so far' not been made aware of what they've voted for!

The message in that leaflet seemed to be that if you are a working class kid who wants to grow up into a big-shot, all singing and dancing, councillor? No problem, just become a Conservative and you can become a real ‘somebody’, just like Terry Jones.

Looking at the national trend and the previous election record of Jones, it would appear that he was 'very' fortunate to get in this time. In the past his majority has been far more substantial. He seems to have held on by his teeth, thanks to impressive results for his party on the national level alone.

It was astonishing that the Tories in Southport got any votes really, when we recall their blatant lack of campaign strategy and action in Southport.

No support of an effective nature! 

It was widely believed the Damien Moore received very little help in his Tory campaign to win Southport.

Perhaps the bumbling  Ainsdale Tory sheet that outrageously 'omitted' Moor's name was the last straw that broke the camel's back?   


It is of course hard to vote for someone - with NO name! So, was this part of the reason why he lost or can we just blame the Southport Conservative's  latest flop on their lack of a genuine campaign?

Ainsdale Tories  fantastic (truth not fiction) record so far...

They have blocked calls for local improvements 

Threatened a local family with legal action who exposed them and created secret recordings 

Ignored the fight to save Brookdale dementia care facility in their ward 

Misused a community centre for political increase 

Side-lined residents on local campaigns 

Delivered political literature through our doors that looks like primary school scribble 

Plus many other amazing achievements ...

Nevertheless, the fight for People's Power against political apathy is only just starting and many who do not know the facts yet, will catch on in time.

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