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Wednesday, 18 February 2015

The Brookdale - People Power pays off!


'Recommended to the Cabinet that Brookdale should not be closed and should have further dementia patients referred to it.' 


18 February 2015 

This afternoon John Pugh MP and Libdem Candidate, Lynne Thompson, visited the Brookdale Centre to offer us welcome support in the fight to save this essential dementia facility

Additional and very welcome news was soon to follow this meeting... 

Cllr Liz Savage wrote the following post on the Friends of Brookdale Facebook page today. 

"I hope you have all seen the great news that it is recommended to the Cabinet that Brookdale should not be closed and should have further dementia patients referred to it. You can read the full proposals here: I'm really pleased that Paul Cummins came to Brookdale and could see for himself how valuable the centre is. Despite major government cuts to the council he is seeking to improve services and increase day care places across Southport from 495-600. Great news for the centre, users, staff and families."

Ainsdale's Libdem Cllr, Haydn Preece, who has been very supportive and attended several meeting at the centre stated:

"Saving Brookdale is great news, thanks to people power especially a great band of family carers and our petition. Plus pressure put on the council regarding poor consultation procedures, a lack of statistical evidence to justify closure and a lack of empathy with Southport. Well done to everyone who has saved a special place with super dedicated staff. We are thankful to the Cabinet member Paul Cummings to listening and reversing the original proposal. Cllr Haydn Preece Ainsdale Ward."


The dedicated team of people (Friends of Brookdale) that we have been working with throughout this campaign thoroughly deserve the centre to be saved. The brilliant staff and management who work at Brookdale sincerely deserve this outcome. We are so incredibly pleased for them. We must never stop working hard now behind the scenes to ensure this centre stays open and hopefully expands for all future users of this wonderful service.

Sincere thanks must be fairly given to the politicians who 'care' about this service and have listened carefully to our concerns: John Pugh MP, Cllr Haydn Preece, Lynn Thompson, Cllr Liz Savage, Cllr Paul Cummins.

Thanks also go to Daniel Whiston for supporting us, to the Southport Visiter, Champion, OTS news & Qlocal for highlighting our campaign. Thanks also to Emmeline Williams and also Brenda and Ken Porter for their support.

Everyone who has signed this petition has helped to make this centre stay open!

Thank you all so much.

NB. Friends of Brookdale member, Cath Regan, is however still taking the petition to Bootle Town Hall tomorrow.

We shall not stop until the recommendations have been fully accepted.  

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