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Sunday, 22 February 2015

Cath Regan - putting the facts straight!
By Cath Regan 

There seems to be quite a lot of silly speculation on this site (OTS News) about my political past, not that it has ANY bearing on this thread and situation. I refuse to use anonymous names and have only ever posted under my own name on this site, as admin knows,  as I am not afraid and do not feel the need to hide, unlike others.
Sandy, Kingy, thank you for the kind remarks (on above link), they are appreciated. To put the matter straight once and for all, I stood four times for the Conservatives in elections, Birkdale twice, Kew then Cambridge.
Yes, Pat Keith did win the year I stood and I have never held it against her or felt vindictive towards her, I had known and worked with Pat for years.  Actually Pat did me a big favour, as since standing my son has been diagnosed with ASD and has needed me close by to help him. So Toothache, Seamaster, etc,  stop playing silly political games here, as this is a thread to save a centre for the elderly with Dementia, which is very much needed in the community.
If you want to be political go and look at the Southport Conservative Facebook page at why I now do not have anything to do with them, as my comments have been online there for a long time. 

As far as I am concerned this matter is now closed and if you have any more energy try putting it into a good community cause, as it gives a lot of satisfaction to help someone in a positive way. 
Cath Regan,
Ainsdale Mum and local Campaigner
NB. this piece is also now on OTS news, where it has already received 'attention' via  several malicious posts from anonymous keyboard cowards who have not got the courage  to use their own names when addressing Cath..   

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