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Tuesday, 18 November 2014

More UFO activity over RAF Woodvale in Merseyside, UK

Time of sighting: 17.27 hrs
Date: 18 November, 2014
Weather: mild and mainly clear

I was driving back to Southport along the Formby Bypass with my daughter Jasmine.

We were chatting about her school day when she suddenly exclaimed, “What the hell is that!”

 Jasmine, sitting next to me, was pointing excitedly over the dark skies of the RAF facility at Woodvale. I quickly glanced to my left looked upwards and I saw what she was witnessing.

An extremely bright white UFO was coming down fast and hard into the area that looked like the pinewoods behind the RAF airfield; or even possibly into the Irish Sea beyond the trees. Jasmine told me that the UFO was initially yellow in colour and had only changed white as it descended.

Seeing as I was driving along the bypass I could not stop but I had clearly seen the unidentified flying object myself.

The usual possibilities, such as a firework, aircraft or a sky lantern, did not seem right. A straight guess would have to be that it may have been space debris of some kind, going off what I have witnessed in the past.

I have reported several times before about UFO sightings in the RAF Woodvale area. Here is a selection of examples.

Moreover, only a few days ago I highlighted a report in the Liverpool press of a UFO spotted over nearby Liverpool.

Is this latest UFO sighting simply coincidence or some kind of ‘sign’? You decide!

Jasmine also seems to have a talent for being in the right place at the right time, when it comes to UFO spotting. Her previous call on the famous ‘Rufford UFO’ later went international.

Mysterious things seem to be showing up again in the Merseyside skies.

Did you see anything?

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