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Saturday, 25 October 2014

Trolls and amazing Double Standards! 

The local press has just reported on the controversial issue of anonymous trolls and laws intended to combat this situation, which can be quite a daunting matter for any victims. I have challenged such cowards myself over the years many times.

Georgina Stubbs of the Southport Visiter stated:

Terry Jones, leader of Sefton’s Conservative party put forward a motion at full council earlier this year in a bid to tackle the “hatred,” and is “delighted” at the new laws. He added:

“Although I believe they don’t go far enough, these people can do a lot of harm not just to those it is aimed at but also their loved ones. If someone suffers from depression or is going through a bad time in their life the repercussions of trolling can be awful.”

Cllr Jones also added:

“Personally, I would rather spend my time showing how I care for those around me, than spreading nasty drivel, which only impresses their own ilk. “

How interesting, but the article failed to mention a darker side to all this....

I would also sincerely ask if this “care” he alleges extends to local residents such as my family, which he recently threatened with legal action?

Does his man's  “care” also come into consideration when we realise that Cllr Jones and his subservient Tory colleague, Cllr Ted Hartill, have continually BLOCKED excellent proposals to improve Woodvale’s Sandbrook Way for elderly residents that have been put forward by Cllr Haydn Preece and concerned local people?

Does this "care" also extend to standing about doing nothing whilst residents, who have previously helped him with numerous  issues (personal and well as political),  are treated like dirt by his appalling colleagues?

Does this “care” also come into context when we recall that Cllr Jones is happy to make covert tape recordings of chats with residents?

Does this “care” also extend to his Tory colleague, Mr Brian Duckett, a man (who previously tried to become Southport’s Conservative MP) posting under a pseudonym on OTS News website in order to insult my family with hurtful names, etc? 

I suggest that Cllr Jones and his transparent pro-Tory propaganda ruse herein is in effect a classic case of the Pot calling the Kettle black.

One thing is certain is that‘ double standards’ stink. 

Cllr Jones would do well to realise that those who live in glass houses should NOT throw stones!

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