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Wednesday, 8 October 2014


Oh dear - here we go again folks! 

Southport’s bumbling Tories at loggerheads over police station closures.... 

A local news website has reported that a press statement from Southport Conservative, Cllr David Barton, reads as follows:

 “I sincerely hope to see the new Community Police Station and General Enquiry Office established as soon as possible and shall be pursuing this with my Conservative colleagues for you our local residents”

Cllr Barton in fact clearly stated the following on his own Facebook page.

Cllr Barton’s controversial welcome for a newly – promised police facility is also apparently supported (liked) by three other Facebook friends of his. 

Two of these friends (Adam Webster and Luke Anthony Thompson) have been well know as Southport Tory activists within the last election.    


However Cllr Simon Shaw a Birkdale Libdem was also reported on the same website saying: 

“I could scarcely believe what Cllr David Barton, one of the four Conservative councillors in Southport, said in his statement. Until we are all completely clear what alternative is being proposed, it is unbelievably irresponsible for one of the town’s leading Conservatives to announce that he ‘sincerely hopes’ to see the switch to a Community Police Station ‘as soon as possible’, and that this is what he will be pursuing with his Conservative colleagues.”

Sefton Conservative Leader, Ainsdale’s Cllr Terry Jones, told the Southport press:

“We intend to fight to keep both stations for the safety of our residents and visitors alike.”

Are the public therefore confused one may ask; well yes they are.

On one hand we have Cllr Barton (and  apparently his friends)  ‘welcoming’ some indistinct new police facility, whilst Tory leader Cllr Jones is telling us that he will fight to “keep” the old ones.

So are we seeing a rebellion in the Tory ranks or it is just that 'some' young politicians are running the show 'without' any proper adult supervision over this essential issue!

Do these bumbling politicians EVER get their act together? They appear to want to have their cake and eat it at the same time. 

Still, I suppose that if they have a boot in ‘both’ opinion camps it will help them to run appropriate, yet ambiguous, pre-election political propaganda when this controversial issue is finally decided properly.

They really do seem to think the Southport public were born yesterday and if you do wish to see what 'offerings' the Tories previously gave to residents then just look at this unbelievable video directed by Cllr Ted Hartill

We sincerely do need better political representation than this in Southport. 


Tory U-Turn? 

I see that the initial 'Call to arms' from Cllr Jones has now become a somewhat damper squib altogether . His original claim to be 'fighting' for the police stations to remain open has taken on an altogether different aspect. His (and Cllr Hartill's) recent poster spin  promotes a meeting for the public to make up its mind on police consultation. This would indicate that the two Ainsdale councillors are now taking on a 'milder' standpoint, similar perhaps to the one given by Cllr Barton.

On this poster the two Ainsdale Tories are now speaking of a meeting for the public to 'gain information' and nowhere do we now see the initial fight back originally tabled by Jones and his colleague. So what has changed? 

How revealing and what a lovely opportunity for them to say (at a later date)  - 'Just look at how much we did for the community.' The fact is that they have in essence done little or nothing to halt this latest closure threat. 

The question is: where were they when it really mattered MOST and the answer is - nowhere to be seen! 

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