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Friday 29 August 2014

The Dangers of Christian Survivalism and the Zionist-Freemasonic-Satanist Myth

By Pat Regan

 Chris Bray of the Subculture Alternatives Freedom Foundation (SAFF) has kindly granted me permission to utilise the following article on Christian Survivalism.  Sadly today  there are countless people on the internet pushing out the Zionist-Freemasonic-Satanist Myth  (ZFSM). They are not even trying to convince floating voters any more, it is sadly just taken for granted and wrongly perceived as accepted fact!

Smug promoters of the ZFSM post their misleading twaddle on their sites and then often disallow any comments, for or against it. Subsequently, there is 'no' debate. It is all ambiguous propaganda that millions swallow without question. The outcome is that their lies gain a semi-independent rolling momentum. These lies are influencing many middle of the road media commentators on a 'no smoke without fire' basis. What follows below is a groundbreaking article by Chris Bray that I would strongly  urge others to read carefully as it affects us all.

NB. This data was in fact added to a larger information article regarding the terrible murders by the Christian Fanatic, Anders Behring Breivik. You can find more on this link.... 


WE TOLD YOU SO in 1999 but you wouldn't listen so in 2011 ninety young people died at the hands of a Christian Killer.

The Unvarnished History of Christian Survivalism 

By Chris Bray.

SAFF publication first issued 1999.

In 1988 the Media cooperated with fanatical fundamentalists to invent the aeonic scare of satanic ritual abuse. At the time 'sophisticated' people saw this as just another seven day wonder but it was more, much more than that. It heralded a new dark ages of superstitious fear and has percolated down through the rest of western society increasing its effects month after month in the intervening decade to affect every corner of our lives with collective hysteria and panic. Now millions of committed Christians actually believe in the idea of personified ultimate evil. To them the Devil not only exists, but is attacking them from every quarter and so these people, many of whom are professionals in positions of secular responsibility, are undertaking their own sectarian agenda and infecting our pluralist society with hate and discord for minorities and unpopular beliefs. This witch-hunt, for that is what it is, like all witch-hunts, victimises the innocent. Like all witch-hunts, no-one is safe. Ten years ago I was one of the handful of people in the U.K. to see the ramifications. I inaugurated the SAFF to deflect the madness. Ten years ago I prophesied almost to the letter, what would happen, how the stages would go, and who would be hurt. I clearly and repetitively warned government ministers, thousands of civil servants, the police and many hundreds of others in key positions in the media, broadcasting, local government etc., that this was not simply a bunch of loony religious fanatics victimising a handful of self-styled satanists. I told them in our early literature and in personal letters, that it would not simply fade away. I told them that if the government turned a blind eye to this poison it would infect every part of our lives and come to affect every person in the U.K. in one way or another as it stepped down through various levels in our society. Despite our best attempts the supposedly clever people in positions of power ignored these warnings. Today, ten years later, not only has every one of them come true but we at the SAFF remain the only people who have been tracking this myth and who can give a genuine and truthful perspective on it. As long as people are doltish enough to believe the kind of rubbish which the Media doles out then the destiny of our nations teeters on a knife-edge. In Africa missionary zeal at spreading the Satanic Ritual Abuse Myth has resulted in countless deaths of innocent women, who have been hacked to death or burned alive as witches in the past decade. Far more than occurred before. The phenomenal hate focused upon sex offenders and the killing of at least one of them, is as a result of the chain of hysteria about 'dangerous strangers' which the Satanic Ritual Abuse Myth generated. Successive governments of this country have allowed vicious, unyielding intolerance to fester in this country. They have given every advantage to the harbingers of the witch-hunt to destroy liberal post-sixties society as it was before 1988.

Only the SAFF has been watching and cataloguing the sequences. We have a clear indication of what is going to happen here in the U.K. in the next few years and we will keep on warning and recording it all for posterity.

This is how it all came about.

In the mid 1980s White Anglo-Saxon Protestant survivalists (WASPS) saw the year 2000 as being the End Time. These violent fascists are to a man evangelical Christians who believe in the fundamental bible prophecies. In the various books of the bible they saw indications of the 'Tribulations' which will lead up to the supposed 2nd coming of Jesus and thence the end of the world at Armageddon. Amongst their own literature, and in their own racist churches, these mad Christians indoctrinated themselves with the idea that they were under direct attack by witting or unwitting agents of the Devil. They see Jews as being the devil's spawn. Blacks as being the devil's children. They hate Catholics ('Papists') even more. They saw Jewish International Financiers as controlling and ruining the U.S.A. economy. 

Communists and 'godless' communist countries as being hand-in-glove with them, wittingly or unwittingly, involved in the spiritual corruption on earth which indicated the Devil's move against God. They saw their own US democratic government 'infiltrated' by Jews and Blacks and believed therefore that they had to fight their own government to further the 'will of the people' . These mad and 100% committed Christians, who attend church avidly and who pray piously to Jesus, even see the United Nations as a cover for the Devil's Work to undermine Protestant America, They saw International Bankers and the IMF as a system designed to take global financial control and the FBI were stooges run by the 'Zionists' . Instead of noting all this, the stupid politicians and the idiotic opinion formers in the media actually made things worse by pandering to the psycopathology of these people. They allowed therapists-on-the-make to redefine psychology to actually give credence to the idea of 'possession' and validated exorcism (see SAFF analysis of this here) so that their neuroticism became real.

This manic religious attitude of Protestant bible-belt America is not new - it was one of the undercurrents to the killing of Catholic president, John F Kennedy and it was what Charles Manson was weaned on. There is always a hiatus of end-time prophecies at the turn of any century but during the 1980s, as year 2000 hoves into view and the American economy takes a downturn, the biblical prophecies look clear to these people and they have begun to take to the hills, start up their exclusive absolutist communities and become self-sufficient so that they can continue to exist after god destroys the rest of us. They will pray to their Protestant god as the U.S.A. falls about their ears. To protect 'their values' these people began to stock-pile arms, transferring deadly guns, machinery of war and military know-how between them. When the left-wing anti-gun lobby began to press for restrictions, the WASPs saw this as a further indication that the Zionists in the US government were trying to DISARM them. Just like in England, the U.S.A. government is run by fools who never understood what was happening until it became too late - and then predictably they over-reacted.

In the mid 1980s the FBI infiltrated and eventually disbanded a number of extreme right wing survivalist groups. The most famous being the Church of Aryan Nations of Jesus Christ. At the subsequent trial it was revealed that a clique of such Christian activist churches had a long assassination list of top-level American politicians - mostly blacks, Jews or Catholics. When the End-Times began these people were going to be 'hit' first so that the Devil could not win. Strangely for a group coined 'survivalists' most of these White supremacists were willing to take almost any risk, even unto death, because they had the same mentality as kamikazi pilots or Moslem suicide-bombers. Their fight was not with 'authority' but with The Devil.

To finance their arms stockpiles and war chests they planned and executed armed robberies. By the late 1980s the combination of liberalising pressures in the US government, the descending standard of living in bible-belt America, the success of the Gay Pride movement, the continual stridency and social engineering by the feminist movement; the popularisation of the occult, the excesses of the Media and the fall in orthodox church attendance were all at a peak and signified to the White supremacists that the Tribulations had started.

In April 1995 White supremacists from this 'embattled' community planned and executed The Oklahoma Bombing. Although you will find lots of double think on the net about how the US government used the militarists as a patsy the truth is that the attack on the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in downtown Oklahoma City was supposed to be a signal - a precursor to the Protestant militia, to take up arms. It did not quite work like that, but what it did do was to bring the entire weight of the FBI down on the necks of survivalists everywhere.

Now, too late, the US realised the threat but did not understand what it was dealing with.

It assumed it was dealing with violent nutters, but it was actually dealing with a Christian Holy War. The governments hard-line response polarised their populations and fueled even more antagonism amongst the WASP survivalists, who saw it as another confirmation that the government were doing the work of Satan. The Tribulations were manifesting. By 1988 The Satanic Ritual Abuse Myth had exploded on the scene in America. First hand 'evidence' , they concluded, that a pan-global satanic conspiracy was under way to destroy 'American Values' and corrupt and harm Christian Children.

Most of the early 'pioneers' who promoted the scare of satanic ritual abuse were heavily involved in the White supremacist/survivalist Protestant church-going fundamentalist arena. It was self-fulfilling prophecy, but the stupid secular therapists who jumped on the bandwagon and (ironically) the support given to the fundies' campaign by the feminist movement who completely misunderstood what was happening and jumped at the icon of Satan as the 'ultimate male rapist', created a pool of hysteria in which the non-fundamentalists compounded the hysteria of the evangelicals and added to the sum total of the scare. Once the Satan Myth had infected Britain the sectarian therapists and social workers tracking it here, re-fed their suppositions and fears back into the Protestant Evangelical circuits in the U.S.A. and thence back to the White supremacist activists. Firm proof to them, if any were needed, that the End-Times were conclusively under way.

The next piece of the jigsaw was the Waco Conflagration. A masterpiece of stupidity by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms and a gross misunderstanding of the motives of the Davidians in their Survivalist compound lead to the authorities ironically accepting interpretations on their mental state and probable actions by a Christian activist group which had previously only specialised in tracking and promoting the Ritual Child Abuse Myth.

Even though everyone in the survivalist movement knew that the Davidians were not a 'cult' but a committed Christian group, the mad-caps helping the BATF saw them as a 'cult' and primed the government forces for a mass-suicide. Koresh had been a major dealer in arms amongst the White supremacists/survivalists. It was a dangerous situation but The FBI and BATF had time on their side and could have waited, sent in food, talked and eventually no-one would have died, but primed by the Satan Hunters about the supposed imminent mass-suicide of everyone in the compound, a la Jonestown, with the world 's media watching, the authorities produced their typically awful character assassination of Koresh and claims of child sex abuse to justify a forced entry which resulted in the completely unnecessary deaths of 186 innocent men women and children in the compound.

As the Waco siege commenced I was being interviewed by the Daily Telegraph who had come to see me about separate issues regarding the SRA controversy. I told the journalist at the time that the siege was being controlled by Satan Hunters and that their input would inevitably result in the deaths of all in the compound. She argued the point, as people did then, more of them believing the fundie lies than our truths; but a few days later 186 people were dead who shouldn't have been. When that happened the survivalists knew that the war had begun and that their government was in the pay of the devil. When the US government had shown themselves prepared to slaughter 186 Christians there was no point in even talking to them. It was a turning point. The survivalists concluded they had to take the law into their own hands and have been preparing for Holy War ever since. Ends:

Ed: Anders Behring Breivik's appalling actions are a direct result of this sequence of events but respective governments are still not listening. There are undoubtedly more Christian 'Martyrs' waiting in the wings and their number is growing, but Western governments will never see them because they are blind to the excesses of Christianity and see any criticism of it not as a valid point, but as anti-Christian sectarianism. In their simplistic mindset you are either inside the goldfish bowl with them (in which case you are okay) or outside the goldfish bowl looking in. They fail to see that we are all in the same goldfish bowl.

I wish to personally thank Chris sincerely for this highly informative article. We all take the constant menace of all types of fundamentalism lightly at our dire peril. 

Intolerance kills and in this particular instance Christian Fundamentalism (which frequently resides quietly under the respectable surface of western culture) has a lot to answer for. 

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