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Thursday, 31 July 2014

Southport Conservative Party continue with disgraceful attacks against local residents, following the Regan article on street nationalism


Pat Regan

As a published writer who can wax controversial at times I like to get at the truth that many others sources often fail to address. For my previous troubles to highlight the truth I have already been threatened by Southport Tory Chief, Cllr Terry Jones.

Much of this fiasco followed the recent woodland fallout issue involving volunteer whistle blowers against ‘another’ Southport Tory, Cllr Ted Hartill.

Nevertheless, more recently I wrote a revealing article on street nationalism, which highlighted inconsiderate and opinionated politicians like Brian Duckett. This missive addressed how they can directly threaten the fragile social structure that we all hold so dearly.

This was the article heading, with link, which appeared on several sites.

Here Today – Gone Tomorrow! ‘Southport’s Tory hopeful ‘stands down’

Beneath this OTS story an exceptionally infuriated poster attacked my whole family and other groups.

This highlighted post below claims to show self-promoting ex-Tory candidate for the Southport MP’s role, Mr Brian Duckett, (allegedly) on the OTS NEWS site posting here as ‘TrueBlue’ and attacking the entire Regan family, travellers and anyone who just happens to hold any interest in UFOs.

No attempt is made by the distasteful poster to explain away the convincing claims that I made in the original article at all; claims in fact that have more recently resulted in other organisations requesting my permission to utilise my article, with one generously calling it "ground  breaking." 

This is the link and quite childish post in question that responds to my original article...

TrueBlue July 30, 2014

I don’t normally comment on such puerile “news” stories, but as I am the (ex) Conservative candidate referred to, I thought I should say a few words.

For some reason, this peculiar family from Woodvale (are they ‘travellers’?), whom I have never met, spoken to or had any dealings with whatsoever, seem to have it in for me. I have read on here (in fact we’re all tired of reading on here, ad nauseum) about their rather unhinged rants against certain other Conservatives, but why they should bother with me is anyone’s guess.

But wait a minute – just look at that bizarre story on a UFO website and all becomes clear. Yes, you read that right – UFOs. I’m not one to suggest that anyone is ‘a few sandwiches short of a picnic’, but perhaps we need to look no further for an explanation.

I suggest, Mr Regan, that you stick with playing with your tackle (fishing tackle, of course) and leave politics to those who have at least some grasp of reality. Most of us are on planet earth – feel free to join us.

Over and out.



This is a snipped image of his remarks... 


Now if this poster ‘TrueBlue’ is indeed Mr Duckett (as claimed) I would ask the following about his rather rambling post.

Does his somewhat disturbing post reflect his private (or Southport Tory) opinions concerning:

  •  The entire Regan family?
  • Anyone who ‘he’ believes has mental issues?
  • Anyone who holds a serious interest in extraterrestrial life/UFOs (including many respected writers, academics and scientists)?
  •  Does his tirade reflect his own personal prejudice (or Conservative policy) against anyone with an unorthodox life style, yes including travelling folk?

His post also shows his clear support for “other Conservatives” and disdain for my innocent family as above, via his offensive comment...  

“their rather unhinged rants against certain other Conservatives, but why they should bother with me is anyone’s guess.”

Does Mr Duckett refer to ‘all’ residents who merely raise concerns against his divisive policies as unhinged” or is this just dangerously selective bias against  just 'one' specific family?

We already ‘know’ that Mr Duckett divisively demands that the rest of us accept his and David Cameron’s pious decree that we all live in a “Christian” country

If all this is true then perhaps Mr Duckett’s overly emotional approach to the complex social/political structure of the UK simply failed to impress his more level-headed Tory mandarins in London, hence his recent political failure? 

Our pluralistic society requires adult-minded politicians today who at least hold a sense of social equality, respect and balance and ‘not’ the type that I highlighted within the original article like that certain little dictator in Germany.

Internet shouting matches, under weird pseudonyms, may impress some small minds but they mean very little to me.

I may add here that I have no animosity towards Mr Duckett and my previous comments were logical observations (shared by many others) that I made in response to his seriously out of touch political views and nothing more.

Nevertheless, he is clearly unable to tolerate fair criticism and this remains his problem alone! 

I write and speak as I find under my ‘real’ name and currently the compelling evidence at hand tells me that the Southport Conservative Party has become a lost ship without a rudder on incredibly stormy seas!

Are any of us really ‘that’ surprised?

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