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Thursday, 19 June 2014

28 Club members - spreading the thanks

Election won - now time to say 'Thanks'! 

Following the election victory by Cllr Haydn Preece, 28 Club members Pat and Scott today delivered hundreds of 'Thank you' leaflets to homes in Ainsdale, Southport. 

Hundreds of leaflets delivered but plenty more to do... 

We nearly ended up in Formby again... 

How we won....

Just because the election is over does 'not' mean that residents do not need to be warned about the current, two- man, totalitarian Tory regime of apathy and division in Ainsdale.

Don't do as we do - do as we say! Ainsdale's current Tory regime Hartill and Jones. 

How Tory Cllr Ted Hartill deals with long standing community volunteers (with full Sefton Council dictatorial backing from uncaring officers, Margaret Carney and Rajan Paul). 

Thankfully, a few good and more caring councillors like Haydn Preece (left) and Tony Crabtree have come out in support of the banned WWP volunteers with the official complaint against Cllr Hartill's Woodvale charity being the latest move.

Moreover, the local press recently reported that Cllr Crabtree had dumped the Tory Party and joined Labour. He stated:

“During the last two years I have become very disillusioned with many people in the local Conservative Party and extremely frustrated with the national Conservative Party for not dealing with the problems here in Southport. I feel the local Conservative Party has drifted away and has forgotten basic facts. Councillors are there to represent all their residents’concerns and worries both locally and nationally. I believe their policies have been to the detriment of Southport and the residents they claim to serve."

Full story:

Some of us in fact 'know' that Cllr Crabtree is 100% accurate in his cutting remarks about the Conservatives. For example, this is how Tory leader, Cllr Terry Jones, treats Ainsdale residents that he either dislikes or perhaps just feels threatened by... 

Can anyone in their right mind 'ever' trust the Southport Tories after all this divisive, own-goal, nonsense? 

Lack of basic good judgement, on the part of Cllr Jones and Hartill, is now well-documented and available for all to see! 

The battle for justice and basic commonsense in Ainsdale continues...!

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