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Monday, 17 March 2014

Woodvale's ongoing fiasco!


Following several unsuccessful attempts to contact the local press last week over the Woodvale issue, I have to advise that they DO now have the relevant links (as below) regarding the ongoing Woodvale improvement issue.



Residents therefore hope the press will now do the right thing and report the issue accurately. 

Economical with truth? 

The main point here is that elderly residents are being told by local Ainsdale Tories that it will eventually be all love, light and roses when potential improvements get done. How nice that all seems but....

They however fail to tell the residents that they are talking of a minimum of 3 to 5 years ‘before’ anything may kick into gear.

This is no use to elderly Sandbrook Way residents who need action NOW, as demanded by us and Cllr Haydn Preece.  In 3-5 years many of the elderly folk will not even be around to see long-promised improvements. This latter point is one that residents have actually stated to me personally! 

Real reason for block (that you will probably never see in the press)!

Of course the Tory excuse of waste of funds so  ‘NO ACTION NOW’ is only a 'part' of the issue behind their refusal to help local residents gain a better standard of living and equality.

Above: WWP team whistle-blowers who were unfairly banned after 9 months of hard graft. This debacle has been reported to the Southport media many times, yet they have 'not' highlighted it. 

Councillors Hartill and Jones are possibly exceptionally upset about the recent exposures, by Cllr Preece and me, concerning their odious part in getting Woodvale Woodland Project (WWP) volunteers banned from their own project. 

Nevertheless, they can only blame 'themselves' for this regrettable WWP situation and to be quite honest they must know that!

They could easily have stopped it themselves last autumn but rather than put residents interests 'first' they decided to play political games. How can any allegedly 'caring' person sit on the fence and see volunteers and their hard-working children treated like dirt? 

As with Sefton’s apathetic Council officers, shame on them all! 

Residents now feel that these two disobliging and unprofessional politicians should hold their heads down low  in shame after this fiasco. Their proven apathy is letting the location decay into something much worse and the escalating drug issue is only a part of it. Moreover, any new attempts they may now undertake are simply more examples of 'damage limitation' following the many exposures about their lack on concern for this Sandbrook Way area. 


After the heartless improvement block by these two Tories, Cllr Preece suggested removable shrub planters as a way to brighten up the area. 

The question is, will Hartill and Jones also block this proposal?

Also, we are still hoping to see some action regarding getting the fence fixed and will report back on any improvements by One Vision Housing etc. 

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